• Competition Membership – Required for all ISOC racers, National and MN Regional.
  • Family Membership – Receive a discount for 3 or more family race members at the same address.
  • Weekend Membership – Never raced before? Schedule only allow you a few weekends to race? This membership is for you.
  • Minor Waiver Form – If you are under 18 years old, you will need to submit an original, notarized, minor waiver form along with a copy of your birth certificate.


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Coming Soon


  • Power of Attorney Form – This form is required when a minor (under 18) cannot be accompanied by a parent/guardian to the event. It gives the power for another adult to sign for them. This form must be notarized, completed and brought to the track at driver check in.
  • Hard Card Form – The hard card is for National crew members, truck drivers, etc. It is a photo ID that eliminates the need to purchase weekend passes and pit passes at the National events.
  • Transponder Registration – If you own your transponder, please log into your profile and input your transponder number there.
  • Class Advancement Form – Use this form, along with a resume, to request a class change.
  • Payout Form – Use this form if you want your payout made payable to someone else or handled by your team manager.
  • Equipment Registration Form – National Pro, Pro Lites, & Sport – must be filled out for National events. Please turn in to the tech guys.