Torn ACL For Christian

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Despite his hopes for a quick recovery, a medical exam Thursday revealed extensive damage to Logan Christian’s right knee, including a torn ACL which will keep him out of action for the remainder of the summer. Here’s Logy’s latest report:

Round 3 Calgary

So Calgary had ups and downs for my last weekend out west.  Start with the positives:  My dad flew up and surprised me on the weekend, I guess everyone knew he was coming and well, I had no idea.   That was about the only positive from the weekend. It was raining all week up to the race and Calgary’s track is hard packed clay so it did not hold water the best.   On amateur day the first moto came and the track was ok. It rutted up good but still soupy for the most part.  There were 45 guys on the gate!  I got off to about a 20th place start, and four  or five laps later I was battling for 5th.  Towards the end of the race I came into one of the corner too hot and my front tire went over the rut while my back tire stayed in it. I skidded out but my right foot caught the other rut and twisted my knee… didn’t feel the greatest.  I walked off the track and got a ride to our pit.  I was able to walk right away and the pain was going away so I thought I’d for sure be abe to race Sunday. Got up Sunday morning and there was no way I was riding.  I wanted to, but don’t think Drew or my Dad would let me ride being I couldn’t even bend my leg enough to get jeans on.  So we ended up watching all day Sunday and flew back to Minnesota bright and early Monday morning.  So it sucked having dad fly all the way out there and not being able to watch me race, but everyone knows that’s part of racing!

As far as my injury, I went to the doctor Thursday.  He is the same doctor I’ve gone for my other two knee injuries (left shattered knee cap, left torn ACL,PCL), and he is actually my mom’s cousin so he knows we’re big into racing and doesn’t give me the grief every other doctor I’ve been to does.  So that helps big time!   My injuries now are a right torn ACL, and severely stretched LCL and MCL. Basically I dislocated my knee.  I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before surgery on my ACL to let the other ligaments heal.  After surgery it is about a 3 to 6 month healing and therapy.  So there wont be anymore dirt biking or wake boarding or any of that fun stuff this summer, which is a big bummer, but I’ll keep training what I can and do whatever I can to get ready for the season!!


Thanks ISOC for letting me do these little blogs, as well as Drew, Dad, and Mom,  and all the people at the CMRC series that helped me out up there!