What is ISOC?

ISOC (The International Series of Champions) is headquartered in Albertville, MN, a Twin Cities suburb in the heart of the snowbelt. Founded in the mid-1990’s by John Daniels, ISOC has always been known as “the racers circuit”, with the best track design, safety, and racer payouts in the snowmobiling world.

Do I have to be an ISOC member to race?

In order to race an ISOC National, you must be a competition member. We offer an annual racer membership, a 120/200 annual membership, and a weekend membership (good for one weekend only).

How do I sign up?

The quickest way is to sign up online through this link.

What do I get with my Annual Racer membership?

This is your admission into the events (do not need to purchase an admission wristband). 20% off Snocross Merch at the merch booth/trailer!

How do I know which class to run?

The classes are related to age, competition level of the driver, and the type of snowmobile you are racing. Check the National tour information page to see what classes are offered.

I’m under 18 years old. Is there anything special I need to know?

All racers under the age of 18 MUST have a completed Power of Attorney, Minor Waiver, and a copy of their birth certificate on their racer profile.

How do I register for a race?

Please visit our Snocross Racer Check List under the Racers (dropdown) > Racer Registration> Getting Started

What kind of rules do I need to know?

Our rulebook is posted on our site here. You will need to download the rulebook and follow all the rules set forth in the ISOC rulebook. If you still have questions, you may email our tech director at

What about sled numbers and bib numbers?

It is the responsibility of the drivers to have clear, legible numbers that conform to the rules in the ISOC rulebook. If the numbers can’t be read while the sled is moving, you risk not being scored. Be sure to follow the guidelines in the rulebook. Bib numbers are on a first come, first serve basis. If a Bib number is already taken, it will give you a red error in the “Bib Request 1” field on your profile.

How does the race weekend run?

Registration: Pre-registration for your classes is required. While at the event, riders and crew check in before the event (typically the day before and morning of the event or at the gate race day #1) and receive credentials to get into the facility and pit area. All riders and crew MUST sign a waiver before they are allowed on site.

Driver Meeting: There is a mandatory drivers meeting given by the race director on race days. The times will be posted on the schedule of events for the weekend.

Pre-Tech Inspection/ Practice: Before practice begins, there will be a pre-tech inspection that may include sled safety equipment and rider safety gear.

Staging: Heats will be posted on a board in the staging area as well as on our website here to let racers know which race they are in and what is being staged. If for some reason you cannot run your heat, please let the staging officials know.

Awards: Results should typically be posted within ½ hour after the race. If you have questions regarding these results, please see an ISOC official. Award presentation will be announced.

How do I advance to the next level/class?

When age permits, you may automatically advance to the next class. If a racer is dominating a class, they may be asked by the race director to advance to the next level even if the next level is above their age group (as long as insurance guidelines permit). A racer may also submit a Racer Resume (Racer Forms) and fill out a Class Advancement form (Racer Forms) one week prior to an event and request that the Race Director watch them for a particular weekend and make a decision based upon watching them race.

My kids want to race the 120 class?

If your child is racing the 120 or 200 class, a 120/200 Competition Membership is required. If they are also running a Transition or Junior class, they must purchase instead an Annual Competition Membership. All racers under the age of 18 MUST have a completed minor waiver, power of attorney & birth certificate on their racer profile. There are specific rules that govern the Champ 120 & Stock 200 racing. The Champ 120 & Stock 200 rules are in our rulebook. A parent or guardian must attend the races and will be required to sign a different minor waiver form along with their child at racer check in.

I can’t accompany my Minor child to the race. What do I do now?

If you are unable to attend the event with your child to sign the waivers, you may fill out a Power of Attorney Form (Racer Forms), to allow someone else to sign your child in. This form must be signed and notarized prior to the event by the parents and involved parties and presented at driver check in along with identification.