Team Press: New Number. New Class. New Situation. CODY THOMSEN #62

Kimster Team Press

Factory Arctic Cat rider, Cody Thomsen, enters this 2011-2012 ISOC National snocross season as a promising competitor amongst many of the top riders in the Pro Class. Cody answered some questions about his preparation and plans for the upcoming season.

This is your first year as a pro. What are your expectations?

Right, this is my first year pro but I am not really too worried about moving up. I just have to focus on one race at a time. My mental game is really strong. My goals are the same- I want to win races and points championships. I support the philosophy of “You might have the potential to win but if you believe you are not going to win, then you have lost the race already.” This holds very true for me. I believe in myself but more importantly, I rest my faith in the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11 and Phil 4:13 help me so much. These are some of my favorite verses.

What have you been doing over the summer to prepare for this season?

I hired a new trainer, (Karen) this summer and she is amazing. I have not felt so good about myself. She concentrates on developing my weak areas-as well as just straight out kicking my butt. It is difficult to find someone that is going to work with you and understands your body as well as you do- it’s funny how Karen can pin things so fast, like “What did you eat today?”. She knows when I did not get enough. Training is really important, but, straight out riding is the best thing you can do. Hone your weak spots and keep learning the nuances of the sled.

What tracks are you most excited about racing at?

Duluth is always a great track. I also like Lake Geneva. I am more of an outdoor rider as opposed to the indoor arenas. I like lots of line options, rough, technical tracks. Tracks are always changing from heats to finals when it comes to finals: that’s when it seems to be the best.

How did you decide to switch from number 682 to 62?

I really wanted to go to a two digit number when I turned pro. It was funny how the number 62 was showing up at random spots all summer long. What really did it for me was at the Arctic Cat’s 50th Anniversary party. Arctic Cat was founded in ’62, so I was like “that’s my number”.

Who has influenced your life as a rider the most?

There have been so many people in my life that have helped me get to where I am today. My mom and dad are huge part- as well as the Ebert family and the Otto’s. Honestly, while I am greatful for their support, I do this to honor the Lord, Jesus Christ. God has truly blessed me with a talent and He has provided me with so many opportunities. I have met many wonderful people which have helped me get to the next level- I hope my faith encourages them, as much as they have encouraged me.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

My only ritual is prayer. No matter what the track is like or how my sled is handling; I just get out there and ride my best. That is my job, and it’s what I aim to do every race.

What do you need with you at each race?

My mechanic! I don’t know what I would do without David Otto. He really helps me stay calm and focused, as well as the rest of the team.
What advice do you have for younger riders this year?

Put your faith into God. Focus on trying to learn how to get better at what you’re doing. There is so much more to life than racing. As much as I love it, I really have to learn to balance it out. It’s kinda funny…. my dad and I were talking about this. It’s a tight rope and a fine line, but give 110 % and just have fun because you can’t do this forever.

What is your favorite food?

I hope my trainer does not see this! Pizza is my favorite!!!! I am a very simple person, a salad and a couple pieces of pizza make a happy Cody!!!

How can your fans keep track of you this year?

You can check me out on Facebook and Twitter. My fan page is Cody Thomsen #62. Add me as a friend on Facebook too. It’s all good, more friends the better.