Attention Racers: From the Desk of Carl Schubitzke, Vintage

Kimster Races

From the Desk of Carl Schubitzke
National Race Director/Director of Operations



As you probably already know, we started a vintage day this year at Canterbury, Fargo, and ERX. We absolutely had a blast doing it at Canterbury and want to continue to have vintage a part of ISOC for years to come. It was something different and people seemed really positive about it. We know it is something that takes time and something that has to build if it has a chance at success. With that said, until it grows into something big, we would like to offer some amateur classes in the morning. We decided to add a few classes to the Vintage day for Fargo and ERX. These classes will not be racing for points, just a chance to get out and race with friends and family. The track will be tamed down compared to Friday and Saturday.  It should be a complete change from what riders are used to racing on, and I think it will be something different and fun.  Look for the new classes on the sign-up sheets/online and come out and play with ISOC for another day. We look forward to seeing you and offering something different that hopefully all racers can enjoy.

Carl Schubitzke