Team Press: Battle to the Box

Kimster Team Press

Despite the weekend’s unexpected challenges – a freak sled shut down and dangerous lap traffic – we made it to the podium!

A weekend riddled with crazy challenges like Friday – Ross was running at the front of the pack in the Final when a piece of the fly wheel broke loose and caused
insurmountable damage inside the sled so Ross was unable to finish the race.It was a big blow at this time in the Year-End Points battle but some things are
out of your control no matter how much you do to prepare.

Scott Judnick Team Owner said, “It was a freak breakdown, nobody could of seen it coming. In 15 years of professional racing we have never had this type issue. It was bit of bad luck at a crucial time in the points race however we got back out there on Saturday put her on the box. You can’t complain about that.”

Redemption Saturday – Ross absolutely flew around the track easily winning both of his rounds. In the final he nailed it off
the line and took the holeshot. He was dominating the entire field when with just 2 laps remaining and the checkered in sight Ross hit lap traffic and had to jump
off while pushing his sled with all his strength to the side to avoid injuring a competitor.Thankfully he was so far ahead of the pack he was able to get
back on his sled and still take a 2nd on the podium.

“We certainly experienced some bad luck this weekend but I am glad I made the split second decision to sacrifice the lead rather than injure a fellow racer. Winning is in my blood but not at all costs. I was stoked to still finish 2nd on the podium!” said Martin.

Mike Bauer had a top ten finish on Friday but jammed his mending broken wrist on Saturday and we thought it best to keep him off the track so he could see action in Geneva.

James Johnstad looked great this weekend in Saturday’s Final. This rookie has worked really hard and we are proud James remains 3rd in overall Pro Lite points.

We want to thank our awesome fans as there was a crazy packed house again!

The Finale is this weekend (March 16-18) at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, WI where we plan to come with both “guns a blazin’ and finish the season in style.

Catch the action from Fargo, ND, on NBC Sports Sunday,
March 24, 5pm EDT.

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