Crashes Plague BOSS Team at Fargo Nationals

Kimster Team Press

Glyndon, Minnesota, March 8-9, 2013   Buffalo River Race Park in Glyndon, Minnesota was the site of rounds 13 and 14 of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series just outside of BOSS Racing’s US headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota. Attendance was high, snow conditions were excellent and the sleds were freaky fast. Despite everything appearing to be in the team’s favor, it was a tough weekend for the team, as one crash after the other occurred like clockwork- all weekend long.  After a wild series of collisions in qualifying, only Corey Watkinson advanced to the main event on Friday. Positioned on the front row, he had a good pull off the line and immediately tangled in a first turn pile-up. When the snow settled, Watkinson had been pushed to the rear of the pack, where he remained after being unable to recover the distance gained by the leaders.  Saturday was a bit of a repeat but this time it was Renaud on the front line of the main. He also finished in the rear of the pack after a stunning mid-race crash. Renaud currently sits top five in points with his sights set on top three by the end of next weekend.

“ That’s the unpredictable nature of racing. Despite the talent and hard work of the crew- some weekends just won’t go your way.  There is a mental component to this? the first series of crashes left the team shaken. In an attempt to recover lost ground, our riders proceeded to take greater risks which resulted in further crashes.  We are immensely thankful we have no serious injuries and we are all laser focused on Geneva coming up  this weekend.”- Garry Querel

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