Tucker Hibbert Advances to Second Round of X Games’ Best in Action Sports

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Tucker Hibbert has advanced to the second round of X Games’ 2013 Best in Action Sports bracket and is now the lone snowmobiler in the competition. In this round, Hibbert’s up against snowboarder Mark McMorris. You can vote for Hibbert once per day on all your web devices (computer, phone, tablet computer, etc). Act quick because this round closes on Thursday, March 28!

What: Vote for Tucker Hibbert as the Best in Action Sports

How: http://xgames.espn.go.com/bracket/mens/2013/2013-best-action-sports-men

*Note: The above link does not work on mobile devices. For mobile devices, use: http://xgames.espn.go.com/

+ click the men’s bracket link on Best in Action homepage image

+ vote for Tucker Hibbert

When: March 25-March 28