H-Fuel partners with women’s Pro Athlete Megan Campbell

Kimster Team Press

Clinton Twp., MI – September 10, 2013 – 563 Motorsports is pleased to announce a partnership with Elite Performance Sports Nutrition, LLC, makers of H-Fuel Pre Workout Formula.

H-Fuel is the most advanced pre-workout formula on the market. H-Fuel is the fuel your body needs to take your performance to the next level. It is used and endorsed by a Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon who understands the physiology of optimal nutrients for musclemass development.

H-Fuel provides an immediate blast of energy and focus enhancing stimulus that helps overcome fatigue and give you the ability to power through our intense workouts. With the level of fitness required to compete at the top levels of Snocross, and all other sports disciplines, H Fuel is a perfect fit with our athletes. “The energy boost is significant, you can feel it” —Megan Campbell.

H-Fuel contains the most complex electrolyte and mineral replacement blend on the market ofpre-workout drinks. H-Fuel also has an optimal muscle recovery blend that plays a critical rolein building muscle mass and significantly reduces recovery time. In fact, H-Fuel is the only pre-workout drink on the market that contains Vitamin D in recommended dosing, which is clinically proven to promote muscle and bone health.

“We look forward to working with Elite Performance Sports Nutrition and spreading the word about “H-Fuel- it’ a product I can trust. As an athlete, that’s important to me.” — Jake Jorgenson.

Good News for Everyone… The company is offering a 10% discount for Snocross enthusiasts. Order it online at www.epsportsnutrition.com. Enter Promo Code MC563 to receive the discount. You can also stop by the 563 trailer onsite at race events for samples.

Find out more about Megan Campbell: http://www.hooked-on-adrenaline.com/

Megan Campbell on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MC563

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