ESCORE Update: December 31st Transponder Expires

Kimster Uncategorized

Racers and team owners please be sure to check your transponders to make sure they are active before going to each race this year. If your transponder has a black bottom it is a MYLAPS Classic transponder and will never expire and you do not need to worry about this notice.

If your transponder has a white bottom then it is a MYLAPS Flex transponder and it has an expiration date. If you bought your transponder from eScore at a Snocross event then it is set to expire December 31st of the year you bought it. If you bought it on the MYLAPS website you chose how long of your activation would be. If your transponder is blinking red quickly (twice per second) then it is expired and you need to follow the steps at this link. Please be sure to double check your expiration date before the next race so that you do not show up and have to scramble to get it taken care of.