Lieders Takes Second Place Finish in Fargo

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Longville, MN (March 11, 2014) – The second to the last national race on the ISOC National Snocross Series brought us back to Buffalo River Race Park (BRRP) in Glyndon, Minnesota. This is the 3rd consecutive year coming back to BRRP, and this years track has been by far the best. With ample amount of snow, the track consisted of technical rhythms, huge air, and sweeping turns.

Coming into the first day of qualifying for Round 13, Team LaVallee was looking strong. Pro Riders Levi LaVallee and Kyle Pallin made it into the front row of their final, while Jake Scott made it into the back row by winning the LCQ (last chance qualifier). Off of the line in the Round 13 final, the first two sleds out where none other than LaVallee and Pallin. Into the first corner, both where pushed out causing them to lose a few positions and finish within the top 10. On Saturday, qualifying was again looking awesome. Pallin was the 2nd qualifier for the Round 14 Pro Open final while LaVallee and Scott took spots in the back row. Off of the line, Pallin nabbed another holeshot and came out first. Going into the first turn, Pallin was tagged by another rider and was bumped off the track. The 15-lap final was tough, and after a rough start off of the first lap – Pallin was still able to make his way past a couple of riders and finish a notable 9th place. LaVallee and Scott rounded out the weekend with 10th and 12th place finishes.

Pro Lite Rider, Andy Lieders started his weekend off with a bang. Qualifying first for the Pro Lite #1 Final Friday night, Lieders was looking for a podium finish. Off of the line, Lieders came out towards the top and was able to make a couple passes to finish at the 2nd place spot on the podium Friday Night. On Saturday, Lieders was able to make it into the final, via the LCQ. From the back row, Lieders goal was for a top ten finish. Off of the line in the Pro Lite #2 final, Lieders was sitting mid-pack and half way through his first lap, Lieders tipped over in a corner, causing him to go back to 15th place. With great determination, Lieders charged on and was able to pass multiple riders and finished an awesome 8th place.

The Grand Finale will be held this weekend (March 14-16) at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, WI for rounds 15, 16, and 17. Lieders and Pallin are currently sitting in 3rd place for Pro Lite and Pro Open Points Standings, we will see how the points pan out this weekend at Lake Geneva.

“It’s hard to believe the Fargo National has come and gone, and we have one race left for this season. Having Andy and Kyle sitting within the top 5 of the points championship battle is pretty awesome. We’ll see how it all finishes out this weekend in Geneva.” – Levi LaVallee (Co-Owner/Racer, Team LaVallee)

LIVE TV SCHEDULE – Round 17 on Sunday, March 16th will be broadcasted LIVE on CBS Sports Network at 3PM EST

Pro Round 13 & 14 (LaVallee)
Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 10th
Round 1: 6th Round 2: 6th LCQ: 4th Final:12th

Pro Round 13 & 14 (Pallin)
Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 8th
Round 1: 2nd Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 9th

Pro Round 13 & 14 (Scott)
Round 1: 6th Round 2: 6th LCQ: 1st Final: 11th
Round 1: 6th Round 2: 7th LCQ: 1st Final: 10th

Pro Lite #1 & #2 (Lieders)
Round 1: 1st Round 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 2nd
Round 1: 1st Round 2: 6th LCQ: 1st Final: 8th

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