Leighton Motorsports Announces Fly Sport 1000 Contingency Program

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OVER $20,000 in contingencies to be won

Contingency only offered to Fly Sport 1000 Participants

  • Champion of season points in ISOC Sport Championship:
    • To be paid in CASH
    • Only eligible to Fly Sport 1000 athletes
    • Includes all athletes points within the ISOC Sport class
    • Fly Sport 1000 athletes must win ISOC Championship
      • 1st Place: $3,000
  • Triple Crown:
    • To be paid in CASH
    • 3 selected finals throughout the ISOC national season
    • Races to be determined by Leighton Motorsports & Fly
    • Combined finishes of all 3 finals
      • Highest Finisher: $1,000
      • 2nd Highest Finisher: $500
      • 3rd Highest Finisher: $250
  • Highest season points in Fly Sport 1000:
    • To be paid in CASH
    • Includes athletes only participating in the Fly Sport 1000 Program
      • Highest Finisher: $1,000
      • 2nd Highest Finisher: $750
      • 3rd Highest Finisher: $500
  • Season Opener & Season Closer:
    • To be paid in CASH.
    • Round 1 final of Duluth and Round 16 final of Lake Geneva.
    • Fly 1000 Athlete must win the final.
      • 1st Place: $500 (For each final)
  • ISOC Nationals weekly payout:
    • To be paid in FLY BUCKS
      • 1st Place: $300
      • 2nd Place: $200
      • 3rd Place: $100
      • 4th Place: $50
      • 5th Place: $25

Fly Sport 1000 Rules:

  • ISOC National Sport class only
  • If ISOC Points Championship & Fly Sport 1000 Championship is won by the same rider, payout will only be of that for the ISOC Sport Championship, and not a combined payout (i.e. $3,000)
  • All races (excluding: Highest season points & Triple Crown in Fly Sport 1000) will be based on overall placement throughout the entire ISOC Sport class.
  • Racers must be wearing Fly gear at every race to be eligible for the program (jacket/jersey, pants, and helmet) purchased at 50% off.
  • Racers must have the Fly Sport 1000 sticker visible on their windshields at every race.
  • Racers will receive 50% off any Fly gear when paid for in American cash.
  • When using Fly Bucks, Fly gear will be sold at retail price.
  • Racers must recognize Fly Racing on the podium.
  • Racers must display their Fly helmet on the podium.

For registration and questions contact:   Timi Leighton   –   Timi@Leightonmotorsports.com       (208)-870-6026

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