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Snocross Helmet Rule – Updated

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BULLETIN NO. 13/14-023 DATE: 21 July 14

TO: ALL ISR Sno Cross /Water Cross Affiliates

SUBJECT: Sno Cross / Watercross Helmets.

Full coverage helmets are mandatory. Helmets will be full protective coverage and carry the 2010 Snell Foundation Approval Code. Helmets carrying European Standard ECE 22.05 are also approved. This is also mandatory in the tune-up area. The helmet must be securely fastened at all times. These take affect Sept 1st 2014

(Sno-Cross /Watercross): The helmet must be predominantly blaze or international orange in color. More than 50% of its entire outer surface including the visor must be orange. There is a mandatory 6” x 6” area located lower center in the middle of the back of the helmet that must be solid Orange. A template measuring 2 inches by 3 inches placed anywhere on the helmet must contact orange color except on a 4” X 6” area on the left and right hand side of the helmet.

On a typical snocross helmet there should be at least 144 square inches

(12 X 12 inches) of orange. 

Jackets / Pullovers / Jerseys will be teched lying flat on the ground front and back.

At least one hundred forty four (144) square inches of visible area on both the driver’s front and back (upper body) will be international or blaze orange in color at all Pro and Masters Oval races and all classes at Sno-Cross races and is strongly recommended in all other events and classes.