Stud Boy Signs Sponsorship Deal With Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing

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Vaughan, ON, October 6, 2014 – Team Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing is pleased to announce the signing of Stud Boy Traction as track supplier for its North American snowcross team for the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

“Stud Boy’s Ron Patton was one of the first key guys in the industry to get involved with our team back in 2002, when I first got on the snow circuit. It’s nice to have the opportunity to work with him again in Canada on our national team’s racing efforts,” team owner Andre Laurin said. “Stud Boy Traction is a great and reliable product. We’re exited with this sponsorship deal. We seem to have gone full circle and are looking forward to picking up the thread.”

Stud Boy Traction, based in Ravenna, Michigan, is a premier manufacturer of snowmobile carbide studs, backer plates, carbide wear bars, and accessories. The company, whose employees are all snowmobile enthusiasts, are passionate about providing the safest and most dependable traction products in the industry

“It’s certainly good to have Andre’s snowcross team back again featuring our product. They have done a great job over the past decade and we’re happy to be associated with them,” Stud Boy Traction president Ron Patton said. “They have a ton of strength in the Canadian series and they do a great job in the ISOC series as well, when they come to the States. I wish them well and good luck this season.”

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