Fort Fremont Racing News II

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January 14th thru 18th the race team competed at the 52nd EAGLE RIVER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Zak, Markki, Jakki & Cody earning two first, one second, two third & one fifth place finishes in the CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS.

Brandon and Lance are healed-up and joining the team this coming weekend at Plymouth, WI for the GNSS/Snow Rangers Classic Race of Championships [double header Sat. & Sun].

Jake took a hard impact damaging his pancreas and liver during the last ISOC National at Shakopee, MN Surgery did go well. Jake was having a fantastic year in Pro Lite. Racing hard to top place finishes scoring 5th in the points series. Congratulations to him and prayers for a speedy and strong recovery! Thanks to all our sponsors, crew and fans! 920-446-3220