Warnert Racing and Makita Have Strong Presence In Fargo

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Hill City, MN (December 13,2015) Warnert Racing’s Elias Ishoel surprised everyone with an injury that kept him out of the competition for the race weekend. Ishoel suffered the injury in Duluth. After serious consideration, it was decided to bring in Dex Savage to race in the Pro Lite class and have Elias only take starts to focus on healing for Canterbury.

Savage, a seasoned rider on the snocross circuit, was excited to be back on the ISOC National Series where he has previously had success.

The track in Fargo was different than it had been in past years. A tight oval course challenged the racers and made for difficult conditions. Both Savage and Pro Open rider John Stenberg faced their share of difficulties.

On Friday night, Stenberg took 4th and 5th in his two qualifying rounds. He had to qualify for the final via the LCQ. In true Stenberg fashion, he rode a clean and consistent final and finished 7th.  Savage also had to qualify for the Pro Lite final via the LCQ after finishing 4th and 6th in his heat races. Savage finished out the final in 7th.

Both Stenberg and Savage encountered challenges on Saturday. Stenberg went 5-5 and had to qualify once again through the LCQ.  He still finished in the top ten after a grueling 26 lap final. Savage had a great second heat and took 3rd. Unfortunately, he took 5th in his first heat and had to qualify for the final through the LCQ.  After a chaotic Pro Lit final, Dex ended his night in 11th.

Makita was the title sponsor for the race in Fargo. They announced their year long contest to win a race replica Ski-Doo snowmobile. Enter for your chance to win on Makita Tool’s Facebook page or look for the link on our page.

The team will be on break until National racing resumes in Canterbury, January 8-9.

Points leaving Fargo:

John Stenberg: 11th

Elias Ishoel: 13th


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