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DAYS OF 76 SPORTS COMPLEX- DEADWOOD, SD (January 23, 2016) –
As the fire from the sun begins to settle in the evening sky and the full moon gently creeps on the horizon, the drop in the temperature is about to get turned way up in the western hills of South Dakota. Snocross fans from hundreds of miles away have traveled to watch the big show under the lights where the competition is fierce and once again the outlaws of snocross are ready to battle bar-to-bar for the chance to claim their victory on night two of the  U.S. Air Force Deadwood Snocross Presented by Four Seasons.
JDC_5518 7x3 ver 2a
Coming off the win in Round 7, Elias Ishoel(200) wasn’t able to bring it together in the first qualifying round, while battling with Jake Angove(177) for the lead Elias got crossed up on the down side of the Ole’76er jump and over the bars. Angove went onto to win while Ishoel finished 7th but would come back in Round 2 of qualifying with a win putting him in the final.  Christian Brothers Racing Tyler Adams(705) had a great first round taking the checkers and a fourth place in the second round. James Johnstad(14) who is currently sixth in points, enters the final as the top qualifier while points leader Montana Jess(765) put together two great rounds of qualifying with a 3rd and 2nd setting him third on the line in the final.
Two rounds of qualifying now in the books and the stage is set, fifteen riders hungry at the line for the green flag, crack of the throttle and they are off, across the Stud Boy Holeshot line first is the 177 of Jake Angove on the Judnick Motorsports Polaris followed by Tyler Adams(705) and Montana Jess(765). As they come through the FXR Turn on lap two, Adam and Jess are bar-to-bar with Adams on the outside, both on the gas, Adams gets wide, off the track and off the sled putting Jess in second followed by Elias Ishoel(200).
Five laps down, eleven to go, as they come around the Polaris Turn on lap six it is Angove, Ishoel and Jess, all top gunners in the Pro Lite Division. Angove has led the race from the start, but Ishoel continues to inch closer, over the Ole’76er jump, down the back chute and into the Polaris Turn, Ishoel goes to the outside and rails around Angove for the lead followed by Jess who quickly takes the second spot from Angove.
After a bad start Maxime Taillefer(144) and was off the track, has worked his AMSOIL/Air Force/Ford Ski Doo up to the fourth spot. With the laps winding down and five to go, Angove makes a huge pass in the FXR Turn to reclaim second from Montana Jess(765).  No amount of success is achieved without some misfortunes, so you pick up the pieces, take a step back, reevaluate the situation and move forward. That is exactly what the Warnert Racing team has done and the success is starting to fall into place for the young rider Elias Ishoel(200) who took home the victory in Round 7. Ishoel now checking out from the field rides clean and consistent on the tight bullring. Across the AMSOIL Finish Line Jump with the white flag in the air, one more time around, through the Arctic Cat Corner down the Air Force front stretch, Elias goes on to take the checkers followed by Jake Angove(177) and Montana Jess(765) finishing off the podium.
1. Elias Ishoel (200) – Warnert Racing
2. Jake Angove (177) – Judnick Motorsports
3. Montana Jess (765)  – Jess Racing
4. Maxime Taillefer (144)  – AMSOIL/Air Force/Ford
5. Michael George (307)  – Woodies Racing
6. Kevin Wallenstein (122)  – KW RACING
7. Travis Muller (436)  – Cottew Motorsports
8. Daniel Benham (221)  – Factory Arctic Cat
9. Jacob Blanshan (132)  – Blanshan Racing
10. Korbyn Anderson (17)  – Anderson Racing
11. James Johnstad (14)  – Cottew Motorsports
12. Tyler Adams (705)  – Christian Brothers Racing
13. Nick Pattyn (98)  – Stud Boy Racing
14. Cole Cottew (21)  – Cottew Motorsports
DNS Brady Love (444) – 444 Motorsports
There are those few moments in the history of any motorsports that a race leaves you standing arms in the air and speechless, to witness the raw talent of any rider or driver when the shear will to win surpasses any obstacles that stand in their way. There is no shortage of talent in the line up of Pro Open riders, but one rider raises the bar higher beyond the expectations of anyone, Tucker Hibbert proves again-and-again he is that guy.
Round 2 Heat 2 of qualifying was the race that left the Deadwood crowd dead in their tracks wanting more.  Kyle Pallin(324) gets off to a great start and grabs the Stud Boy Holeshot and is on to an early lead with Ross Martin(837) and Logan Christian(43) tight on his tracks. After getting pinched off in the start, Hibbert is four seconds behind Pallin and has some work ahead of him. Lap-after-lap, T-Train trims off the time deficient as he battles the blinding roost to run down the leaders. It is down to the final lap, Tucker has overcome the field and now is focused on Pallin, as they come down the back stretch, (Pallin having a slight advantage), and into the Polaris Turn, it’s Pallin (who has led from the start) on the outside, Hibbert on the inside, out of the Arctic Cat Corner and it is a drag race down the front stretch to the line, the Deadwood crowd is on their feet, who will it be at the line, it is Hibbert with only a 1/100th second difference between he and Pallin!
Christian Brothers Racing, Logan Christian(43) put on a dominating performance in Round 2 of the qualifying races while Lincoln Lemieux(13) grabbed the second qualifying spot on the night.
Now, after taking some deep breaths from the exciting qualifying rounds, the fans are pumped and ready for the big dogs to take to the track one final time.
Final race of the night, once again it is a stacked field on the front row, no question about it, the tight bullring track brings the fans to their feet every time. In front of a sell-out crowd, out of the shoot to the Stud Boy Holeshot line first is rider David Joanis(115) on the Royal Distributing/Arctic Cat/Arctic Wear Arctic Cat sled, but it is Jake Scott(42) who makes quick work to take over the top spot and is on the gas down the front stretch followed by Joanis and Adam Renheim(311), while top qualifier Hibbert sits in sixth.
In the race of his life, Scott works to extend his lead over the field, but it is Renheim who is there to challenge trying to close the gap. Six laps in the books, fourth place Corin Todd(36) is holding off the now fifth place Tucker Hibbert(68), only three laps later, T-Train has passed both Todd and Renheim and now sets in on Jake Scott(42).
MIR_2210 - 7x3
Ten laps to go it is Scott, Hibbert and Renheim rounding of the top three,  with each turn Scott continues to throw heavy roost at Hibbert in hopes to hold him off, but in a huge pass through the FXR Turn, T-Train rails the outside line and flies by Scott for the lead while Corin Todd(36) is now in the battle with Renheim for third.
Three laps to go and Renheim is now bar-to-bar with Scott, around the FXR Turn and over the Ole’ 76er jump and it is Renheim who pulls the pure muscle move to take over second. Now down to the final lap, Hibbert down the front stretch to the checkers followed by Adam Renheim(311) and Jake Scott(42) who after an incredible run, is able grab his first ever podium finish on the Jess Racing Arctic Cat as a Pro Open rider.
Watching the insane show by the Pro Open riders all weekend leaves you with a jaw dropping experience that makes you say WOW! Snocross is so dynamic, so explosive, it is an extreme sport that makes you hungry for more, and the Deadwood fans got a full plate of racing action for the U.S. Air Force Deadwood Snocross Presented By Four Seasons.
On the podium in third with Jake Scott, “Every time I get out front, I always make a mistake, the whole time I was yelling at myself to be smooth and ride as fast as I can.” explained Scott.
After a clean sweep on the weekend winning all four rounds of qualifying and both final events, Tucker Hibbert(68) was the man on the move,  “It was a tough start, being that far out your pretty much guaranteed not to get the holeshot, I was giving it my all, everything I had till I went off the track, from there I just put my head down and focused. Jake Scott was riding good, he was ripping, I couldn’t get him for three or four laps but finally made the pass. It was super challenging all weekend, the whole team just kept pushing hard.” explained Hibbert.
Extending his lead out to 66 points, Hibbert has a sizeable lead on the field followed by Tim Tremblay(11) with 299 points and Adam Renheim(311) sitting in third with 288 points.
1. Tucker Hibbert (68) – Monster Energy / Arctic Cat / Ram Trucks
2. Adam Renheim (311) – Boss Racing
3. Jake Scott (42) – Jess Racing
4. Lincoln Lemieux (13) – AMSOIL/Air Force/Rockstar
5. Corin Todd (36) – Leighton Motorsports
6. Logan Christian (43) – DOC 360 /Arctic Wear / Arctic Cat
7. David Joanis (115) – ROYAL DISTRIBUTING/Arctic Cat/Arctic Wear
8. Kyle Pallin (324) – Mystik, Loctite, Polaris, Red Bull
9. Tim Tremblay (11) – AMSOIL/Air Force/Ford
10. Ross Martin (837) – Judnick Motorsports
11. Trevor Leighton (3) – Leighton Motorsports
12. Andrew Carlson (151) – CARLSON MOTORSPORTS
13. Corey Watkinson (173) – Watkinson Motorsports, Arctic Cat
14. Ryan Springer (541) – Carlson Motorsports
15. John Stenberg (259) – Warnert Racing