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8 of 16 Class Victories in ISOC Snocross; 17 of 21 Class Victories in USXC Cross-Country

Plymouth, Minn. (Jan. 26, 2016) – Team Arctic raced through the mid-point of the 2016 cross-country and snocross season at full-throttle and without looking back, collecting more wins and more podiums at the national events in Thief River Falls, Minn., and Deadwood, SD.

At the rough and rugged USXC Thief River Falls 250 cross-country, Team Arctic delivered yet another epic performance in which they captured 17 wins (out of 21 classes), 46 out of 63 podium positions and 1-2-3 finish in the premier Pro 600 class aboard Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC race sleds with the 6000-Series C-TEC2 engine.

Zach Herfindahl scored his second win in as many weeks, overcoming teammate and race leader Wes Selby with 10 miles remaining in the 2-day, 250-mile race to win Pro 600. Cody Kallock finished third for a Team Green podium sweep and perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for the upcoming I-500 XC. Other class winners included Ryan Trout, Jolene Bute, Brandon Wolter, Chad Lian, Matt Feil, David Brown, Ryan Wiedemann, Garet Grzadzielewski, Lydia Sobeck, Paul Brown, Dylan Herman, and the Mattison Racing brothers James, Mike and Gerry.

It was a similar beating of the competition at the ISOC National snocross in Deadwood, where Team Green captured 8 wins in 16 finals, plus 22 of 48 podium places. Tucker Hibbert added to his legend with a pair of come-from-behind wins in Pro Open, while Team Arctic teammate Jake Scott added more green to the Pro Open podium with an impressive third-place. Other Team Arctic class winners at Deadwood included Joachim Olsen, Ryley Bester (who is undefeated in both Junior classes this season), Eric Downs, Taven Woodie and Drew Freeland.

“Just when we think that Team Green can’t possibly win more races on a weekend, the team hits a new level of success,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “We swept the Pro classes at both events, plus we swept the podium in 12 different classes. A huge congratulations go out to all the racers, crews and families of Team Arctic, whether they’re on the podium or not. It’s the best team on snow and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone.”

Click here for more information on the next ISOC snocross national Feb. 5-6 in Salamanca, NY. Click here for more information on the next USXC cross-country on Jan. 30-31 in Park Rapids, Minn.

Team Arctic Results from 2015-16 ISOC National Snocross in Deadwood, ND.

Pro Open #1

  1. Tucker Hibbert
  2. David Joanis

Pro Open #2

  1. Tucker Hibbert
  2. Jake Scott

Pro Lite #1

  1. Dan Benham

Pro Lite #2

  1. Montana Jess

Sport #1

  1. Eddie Neubaur
  2. Jay Lura

Sport #2

  1. Eddie Neubaur

Sport Lite #1

  1. Ryley Bester

Sport Lite #2

  1. Joachim Olsen
  2. Ryley Bester
  3. Jesse Hendrickson

Jr. 16-17

  1. Ryley Bester

Jr. 14-15

  1. Ryley Bester

Jr. 10-13

  1. Eric Downs
  2. Evan Christian
  3. Logan Frattalone

Jr. Girls 9-13

  1. Taven Woodie
  2. Ryley Hasenack

Transition 8-12

  1. Drew Freeland
  2. Raycer Frank
  3. Kyle Thome

Team Arctic Results from 2016 TRF 300 USXC Cross-Country in Thief River Falls, MN.

Pro 600

  1. Zach Herfindahl
  2. Wes Selby
  3. Cody Kallock

Pro Open

  1. Zach Herfindahl
  2. Wes Selby

Semi Pro 600

  1. Ryan Trout

Semi Pro Improved

  1. Ryan Trout
  2. Tyler Oettinger
  3. John Langaas


  1. Jolene Bute
  2. Savannah Landrus

I-500 Class

  1. Joe Wood

Masters 40 Plus

  1. Chad Lian
  2. Spencer King

Masters 50 Plus

  1. John Arneson

Expert 85

  1. Brandon Wolter
  2. Hunter Houle
  3. Ross Ilstrup

Expert 85 Improved

  1. Brandon Wolter
  2. Hunter Houle
  3. Dalton Fredrickson

Sport 600 Stock

  1. Matt Feil
  2. Tyler Knutson

Sport 600 Open

  1. Matt Feil
  2. Andy Junglen

Sport 85

  1. David Brown
  2. Jordan Bute
  3. Calvin Sandberg


  1. Ryan Weidemann
  2. Logan Kilichowski
  3. Thomas Junglen

Jr. 14-17 Boys

  1. Garet Grzadzielewski
  2. David Brown
  3. Calvin Sandberg

Jr. 14-17 Girls

  1. Lydia Sobeck
  2. Marissa Kallock
  3. Sara Larson

Jr. 10-13 Boys

  1. Paul Brown
  2. Blaise Potucek
  3. Andy Pake

Classic IFS

  1. Dylan Herman
  2. Eli Nelson

Classic IFS Legends

  1. James Mattison


  1. Mike Mattison
  2. Mark Young

Vintage Legends

  1. Gerry Mattison

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