Fort Fremont Racing at Weyauwega, WI this Saturday the 13th for the “Fire On Ice” race event

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*Autograph session at 12:30 in the heated building behind the grandstands.
*Practice at 2:00 pm  *Opening ceremonies at 3:00 pm  *The State Championships main events will be under the lights!!!!

Previously  *January 29 & 30 Plymouth, WI GNSS ISOC Regional —    PLYMOUTH SNOW RANGERS RACE OF CHAMPIONS
The Snow Ranger crew prepared early.  Stock piling enough snow to create their largest track to date.  The track was fantastic… got warm but exciting racing for both days.  We had the entire team of 8 riders at this event!!!  The pit crew stayed very busy and the racers brought home top place finishes.

Classes: Jakki & Markki Farmer Pro Am Women, Zak Farmer Junior, Noah Pfeil Sport Lite, Pete Schoetz Vet, Cole Parker Sport, Cody Holewinski Pro Am, Brandon Vlach Pro Am  Results: Heats: 10 – First, 9 – Seconds, 3 – Thirds, 2 – Forth, 3 – Fifths, 2 – Sixths, 2 Sevenths, 3 – Eighths, 1 – Ninth, 1 – Tenth Finals: 5 – Firsts, 4 – Seconds, 2 – Thirds, 1 – Forth, 2 – Fifths, 1 – Seventh, 2 – Eighths, 1 – Tenth

*January 22 & 23 Deadwood, SD ISOC National at the Day’’s of ‘76 Rodeo Grounds. Rounds 7 and 8 brought exciting racing to a sold out crowd Saturday.  The weather again warmer than average was great for the fans but tough on the track.  The snow was wet & “packy”… going from smooth to rough in just a couple laps.  Wow Zak… getting to his first National podium!!!  Classes:  Zak Farmer Junior,  Markki