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Ste-Sophie, February 9, 2017

After two weekends off, the Mailloux Racing team was back in action this weekend, with a very heavy schedule, comprising races in two different series, and two different countries, traveling nearly 2800km in four days. Although races were planned in the Canadian CSRA Championship for February 4-5, in Sault-Ste-Marie, ON, the team decided to add a race to its schedule by traveling first to Salamanca, NY, this February 3, for the US Air Force Snocross National, 5th round of the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross.

It is on the site of Seneca Allegany Casino, in Salamanca, NY, that a technical and fast track was builted. Only our Ski-Doo rider #111, Nathan Mailloux, was in action in New York, with races in the National Transition 8-12 and the Junior 10-13 classes. Nathan feel very comfortable on the track, making a series of double, and collect a 1st and a 2nd place finish in his qualifying rounds in Transition 8-12. In the final, Nathan had a great start, and got to the checkered flag in 2nd place, earning a well deserved first podium this season in Transition 8-12 at a National ISOC. In the Junior 10-13 class, Nathan placed 2nd and 5th in his two heats. In the final, he had a great race, fighting hard with the leaders, and ended up his day in New York with the 4th place finish.

In mid-afternoon, following these great performances by Nathan in ISOC, the team hit the road to Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario, for the Highland Ford Can-Am Cup, round 2 of the CSRA Snowcross Championship, which takes place at The Yard, located right next to the Canada/United-States bridge.

On Saturday, Nathan continues on his momentum in Transition 8-12, with two 1st places in qualifications, and the win in the final. In the Junior 10-13 class, Nathan has a good race line, and finishes 1st in his two heats races, for the 1st place overall. The Junior F2 13-17 class completes its schedule for Saturday, and Nathan ended up 4th in the first round, after coming off his sled while leading, and 1st in the second round, giving him a 3rd place finish overall. Unfortunately, Nathan was unable to race on Sunday, suffering from pain and discomfort still unknown.

Our Ski-Doo rider #880, Martin Mailloux, was ready for his races in the Pro AM+30 class in Sault-Ste-Marie. On Saturday, Martin finishes 5th in his two heats races, placing him also 5th overall. Martin has great races on Sunday, finishing 3rd and 2nd of his two qualifying rounds. After the disqualification of the winner, Martin got the 1st place overall.

Salamanca Results

Friday        Nathan      Transition 8-12 :    Rd1 : 1st     Rd2 : 2nd    LCQ : –      Final : 2nd

                                    Junior 10-13 :        Rd1 : 2nd    Rd2 : 5th     LCQ : –      Final : 4th

Sault-Ste-Marie Results

Saturday    Martin        Pro AM+30 :         Rd1 :  5th    Rd2 :  5th    Overall :    5th

                  Nathan      Transition 8-12 :    Rd1 :  1st     Rd2 :  1st     Final :        1st

                                    Junior 10-13 :        Rd1 :  1st     Rd2 :  1st     Overall :    1st

                                    Junior F2 13-17 :   Rd1 :  4th    Rd2 :  1st     Overall :    3rd

Sunday       Martin        Pro AM+30 :         Rd1 :  3rd    Rd2 :  2nd   Overall :    1st

                  Nathan      Transition 8-12 :    Rd1 :  –       Rd2 :  –       Final :        –

                                    Junior 10-13 :        Rd1 :  –       Rd2 :  –       Overall :    –

                                    Junior F2 13-17 :   Rd1 :  –       Rd2 :  –       Overall :    –

Mailloux Racing continues his run for the Canadian Championship with round 3 of the CSRA Snowcross Championship, scheduled for February 18-19, at the Georgian Downs, in Innisfil, Ontario.


Mailloux Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors / partners as this racing season would not be possible without their support.

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