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THEISEN’S SNOCROSS NATIONAL, DUBUQUE, IA- (MARCH 4, 2017),  There is no better way to close out the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series Presented by RAM weekend at Sundown Mountain and Resort than with a sell out crowd. Fans were greeted with beautiful blues skies and warm temps throughout the day making for a picture perfect race day. With the warmer temps the track conditions became very wet and heavy for the riders creating a very rough track for the final rounds of racing.
MIR_0539 7x3
Coming off a win for Round 13, Jake Angove(177) was able to grab a couple of wins in the heat races as well as Aki Pihlaja winning both of his heats as well. Zak Mason(63) also a podium finisher in Round 13, finished out the heats with a third and fourth place finish.
Fifteen sleds on deck for the final of the weekend for the Pro Lite Division, out of the gate around the sweeping left had turn towards the Stud Boy Hole shot, it is Aki Pihlaja to the line first, down the hill and into the first turn of the round about, Aki goes wide and opens the door for Andrew Lieders to take over first place followed by the 413 of Andrew Daudt.
MIR_7322 7x3
Lieders off to a big lead early on putting three seconds between him and Pihlaja, while Jake Angove(177) settles into fourth place. Deep in the field is rookie rider Nickolas Lorenz who come up through the field from fourteenth to finish one spot off the podium, incredible run for the young rider.
Mid-way through the fourteen lap final, Aki makes a hard charge down the rhythm section and goes huge with a quad jump in an effort to pass Lieders, unable to make the pass through the FXR turn, Pihlaja on the heels of Andrew back up the hill and over the AMSOIL Finish Line jump, again unable to make a pass. As they go back down the ski hill, Aki again tries to make the move and this time is able to make it stick, taking over first place and going to take the checkers for a big win to continue to extend his points lead. Jake Angove(177) pushes forward to take over third for final spot on the box while Andrew Lieders holds onto the second place podium finish.
1. Aki Pihlaja
2. Andrew Lieders
3. Jake Angove
4. Nickolas Lorenz
5. Zak Mason
6. Evan Daudt
7. Max Taillefer
8. Danny Poirier
9. Montana Jess
10. Jacob Yurk
11. Travis Muller
12. Cole Cottew
13. James Johnstad
14. Andrew Lindholm
15. Daniel Benham
A clean sweep in the heat races by Kody Kamm(53) locks him as the number one qualifier, while Tucker Hibbert(68) lands a first and third. Henteges Racing rider Petter Narsa(54) also with a solid run in the heats with a double deuce with two second place finishes. Current points leader Tim Tremblay(11) brings in a third and a first place finish.
MIR_7411 7x3
With Round 13 in the books, the top three riders know they have to stay on point as it is still anyone’s championship to be had. It is more important than ever to get a win in tonight’s final round of racing before moving onto Lake Geneva for the final rounds of racing in the 2016-2017 season.
On the line, thirteen sleds take the green for the eighteen lap feature race In front of the sell out crowd. At the line for the Stud Boy Holeshot, it is Kody Kamm(53) who has been on fire all day long followed by Lincoln Lemieux(13) and Ryan Springer(541) with a great start settling into third. Hibbert sits back in tenth has a lot of ground to make up for a podium finish. Kamm is out to a monster lead on lap one of the race hoping to make a clean sweep for the day.
With a big pile up in the FXR Corner, riders Tim Tremblay(11), Elias Ishoel(200), Corin Todd(36), Petter Narsa(54) all get tangled up which takes a few laps to clear out, opening the door for Tucker Hibbert(68) to quickly make up several positions getting within striking distance of the leaders.
Fighting through blinding roost and a incredibly rough track, Hibbert inches in on Kyle Pallin(324) for third, on lap eight Hibbert is able to make the pass over Pallin. Up front with nearly a six second lead on the field, Kamm continues to ride uncontested while Lincoln Lemieux(13) holds on to second. Points leader Tim Tremblay(11) is able to make up several sled positions after the getting caught in the pile up to finish seventh on the night.
As the laps wind down on the rough track, Lemieux is able to close the gap on Kamm in hopes to take the win, but Hibbert is able to make a good run on Lemieux and pass him to finish in second on the night. Kamm finishes off the night with a clean sweep on the day taking the checkers for the win at the AMSOIL Finish line while Lemiuex holds on for the final spot on the podium in third.
1. Kody Kamm
2. Tucker Hibbert
3. Lincoln Lemieux
4. Kyle Pallin
5. Ryan Springer
6. Adam Renheim
7. Tim Tremblay
8. Ross Martin
9. Brett Nastala
10. Andrew Carlson
11. Elias Ishoel
12. Corin Todd
13. Petter Narsa