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RAM TRUCKS SNOCROSS GRAND FINALE PRESENTED BY NIELSEN ENTERPRISES, LAKE GENEVA, WI- (MARCH 17, 2017), The tradition of ending the snocross season in Lake Geneva at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa goes back many years and is the race, the venue, the big showdown that everyone looks forward to year-after-year.
The AMSOIL Championship Snocross Presented by RAM is on the final stretch for the 2016-2017 season where three days of racing action will determine the champion in both the Pro Open and Pro Lite divisions. On day one, the Pro Lite riders will be on the side lines watching the action as they do not run any races.
Coming into the day, the points race is tight with only a marginal gap between the top three riders, Tim Tremblay(11) still holding on to the number one spot, with Kody Kamm(53) and Tucker Hibbert(68) riding on his heels in hopes of locking in the championship for the year.
For the final weekend of racing, ISOC Officials added some weight to the points chase by offering five bonus points for a heat win. In an already tight point difference, this will up the stakes for the top riders. Team riders Tremblay and Lemieux on deck for the first heat along with Narsa, Pallin, Martin, Springer and Lindholm. Off the line and up the hill, Petter Narsa(54) gets the Stud Boy hole shot, Tim Tremblay(11) would challenge Narsa lap-after-lap, but Narsa would go on to win.
Heat 2, Kody Kamm(53) checked out from the field and never looked back, and would take the win in round 2 of the heats as well giving him ten bonus points and the top qualifier. Tucker Hibbert(68) with a second and a fifth while Tim Tremblay(11) would ink in a second and a first. Petter Narsa(54) having a great round of heats, brings the Hentges Polaris in with a first and second.
In the LCQ, five riders battled it out for a transfer spot into the final, Ryan Springer(541), Elias Ishoel(200), Corin Todd(36) Brett Nastala(248) and Andrew Lindholm(46) would make the  transfer into the main.
With the Kody Kamm(53) capitalizing on the bonus points in the heats, Tucker Hibbert(68) and Tim Tremblay(11) both need a win to regain some points. In front of a packed house, the riders are off the line and up the hill, bar-top-bar at the top, but it is Petter Narsa(54) again with the Stud Boy holeshot followed by Tim Tremblay(11) and Lincoln Lemieux(13). Down the Ski-Doo hill, and into the tight right hander, Petter Narsa(54) goes off the sled giving Tremblay the lead followed by Lemieux and the number one qualifier, Kody Kamm(53) in third.
Coming into the FXR Corner, Kamm goes off the sled and Tucker Hibbert(68) is there to move into third, as the riders come around on lap two, down thru the Air Force rhythm section and into the hard right hand turn, Kamm pushes hard and gets into Hibbert pushing him to the outside lane while Kamm goes to the inside making the pass on Tucker. Off the back starting line, Elias Ishoel(200) has made a hard charge through the field and sits in seventh on lap two.
At the halfway mark, Hibbert on the Air Force downhill section is off the sled, however, Tucker still able to finish the race, but is out of contention for a podium finish. Up front, Tim Tremblay(11) has extended his lead almost five seconds over second place team-mate Lincoln Lemieux(13), but Kamm is closing the gap, the two riders go bar-to-bar on the top section of the track, Kamm makes a hard charge to pass, but Lemieux quickly taking the spot back. Down the Ski-Doo hill, they are once again bar-to-bar, into the turn, Lemieux on the inside, Kamm on the outside, Kamm gets the run and makes the pass for second.
With only two laps to go to the checkers, Tim Tremblay(11) is headed up the Polaris section when he suddenly comes to a stop after breaking a belt giving Kamm the top spot followed by Lemieux. LCQ transfer Elias Ishoel(200) who has made an incredible run to the front and now sits in third. With the crowd on their feet cheering, Kamm would go on to take the checkers for the win, followed by Lemieux and the rookie, Elias Ishoel. The final results puts Kody Kamm only four points behind Tim Tremblay and Tucker Hibbert back forty-nine points.