STUD BOY Race Team Report – Duluth

Matt Skubic Uncategorized

A Podium and Pro Finals for the Season Opening For Immediate release: November 29, 2017

The Spirt Mountian Duluth season opener was a good one for Arctic Cat racers and the Stud Boy Team.

Trent Wittwer #115 started the weekend for us with a pair of heat race wins on Friday but a rough start held him to 7th in the Sport Final. With a new day and lots of determination Trent went 3-1 in his heat races and pulled a huge holeshot in the Sport Final to go flag to flag for the win on Saturday night!

Nick Pattyn #98 and Brett Nastala #248 both had good runs in the Pro Class on Saturday Nick went 3-6 in the heats and advanced through the LCQ to the Final in his first Pro Class appearance. Brett ran strong with a 5-7 run in the heats but was right on the bubble to make the LCQ.

On Sunday Brett ran super strong and went 3-4 in the heats to put him on the front row of the Final. After a great start and while running a strong 4th in the final he and Lincoln Lemieux collided in the air on the uphill leaving Brett off his sled and behind the pack by the time he was able to get going again. Nick did not advance from the LCQ on Sunday after a couple of good runs in his heats.

Overall the weekend was a good one for the racers and the team. The new Arctic Cat snowmobile is a really good piece and the racers look forward to a season of improvements and good finishes. Our next race is Jackson WY on December 8-9.

Thanks to all that make this possible for us – we appreciate your support and outstanding products!