Kody Kamm is #1 at Canterbury Park

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Following a long break from the holiday season, AMSOIL Championship Snocross Powered by RAM is back in action at World renowned Canterbury Park. Cool temps and brisk winds did not stop the Twin Cities area Snocross fans from coming out to Shakopee for Round 5. The Pro Lite class has been dominated this season by the all new 2018 Arctic Cat race sled and that didn’t stop tonight as Jacob Yurk earned his second career victory. Yurk was not fazed by the cool temperatures in Shakopee, MN as he took the double checkered flags with over a 12 second margin of victory. The premier Pro class showcased the the speed of the Hentges Racing Polaris’s. Kody Kamm would end the win streak of Tucker Hibbert while his teammate Petter Narsa finished in second. The racing at Canterbury Park is always a fan favorite and Round 5 surely solidified that.

Pro Lite

Round 1

With the sun starting to set, the Pro Lite riders took to the elevated starting line for there first round of qualifying. The first heat saw Martin Moland grab the holeshot and lead the entire 7 lap qualifier. Andrew Lindholm and past Champion Aki Pihlaja would battle early for the second and third place positions. Pihlaja would get the best of Lindholm in this heat and finish second while Lindholm dropped down to fourth. Max Talleifer charged hard from the fifth position to finish Round 1 in third. The second heat race of the first round also showcased the speed of the all new Arctic Cat race sleds. Alexander Berglund was the first across the start line while Korbyn Anderson and Evan Daudt were close on his tail. The Arctic Cat rider of Berglund would lead the entire race while Anderson and Daudt crossed the AMSOIL finish line in second and third. The final heat race in Round 1 featured Marcus Ogemar pulling an upset win over past race winners Daniel Benham and Jacob Yurk. Benham and Yurk have had a great year thus far this season being in the top two positions in the points standings, but the Ski-Doo rider of Ogemar was to much to handle in Round 1.

Round 2

Red plate holder Daniel Benham continued on his success in the first heat of Round 2. Benham grabbed another holeshot and was able to lead the entire race from flag-to-flag. Benham was able to stay ahead of the hard charging Nisse Kjellstrom and Korbyn Anderson. Kjellstrom out dueled Anderson to solidify the second place position forcing Anderson into third. Pro AM Plus 30 rider of Andy Lieders hard a hard off during the start off the race but was luckily okay. The second heat of the Round 2 saw Alexander Berglund nail his second first place start of the day. Berglund battled early with Kevin Wallenstein but was able to hold onto the lead early in the race. Max Taillefer rode towards the front again in the third position during Round 2. With two laps to go in this qualifying race the top four were separated by a near 1.9 seconds. Alexander Berglund would hold onto the lead while Wallenstein in second, Taillefer in third and Cole Cottew in a very close fourth. The final heat race of the day featured a 3 way battle for the lead once again. Andrew Lindholm had the early lead over Jacob Yurk and and Aki Pihlaja. Pihlaja and Yurk would pass Lindholm for the top two positions before the two tangled and forced Pihlaja to have an off. Jacob Yurk would lead the remaining parts of the race while Hunter Patenaude was second and Zak Mason in third. 


The Pro Lite class this season is most definitely one of the most exciting in years. The class this season has been dominated by the Arctic Riders and once again Alexander Berglund and Jacob Yurk took their Arctic Cats to the lead early in Round 5. Pro Lite points leader Daniel Benham received the black flag on lap two due to jumping the start. Benham was forced to drop to the rear of the field. After five laps of the fourteen lap main event Yurk continued to separate from the field while Alexander Berglund ran second and Marcus Ogemar in third. Pro Lite rookie Hunter Patenaude settled into the fourth position making this his best performance of his Pro career at this point of the race. At the half way point in the race, Marcus Ogemar started to reel in the second place position of Alexander Berglund. While the battle for second is heating up Hunter Patenaude catches up to the second and third place riders and moves directly into second. Patenaude was able to move from fourth to second in one lap. Championship contender Martin Moland had an off early in the race taking him out of the final and causing him to finish the race in the 15th position. As the laps wind down, Jacob Yurk continued to separate himself from the rest of the field and take home his second win of the season. Hunter Patenaude charged hard from a back row start to his first podium finish in the Pro Lite class. Patenaude finished in second and the final spot on the podium was rounded out by Marcus Ogemar. Cole Cottew also charged hard from the back row to finish in fourth while Nisse Kjellstrom rounded out the top five.

1.#727 Jacob Yurk

2. #208 Hunter Patenaude

3. #58 Marcus Ogemar

4. #21 Cole Cottew

5. #27 Nisse Kjellstrom

6. #128 Aki Pihlaja

7. #114 Alexander Berglund

8. #63 Zak Mason

9. #122 Kevin Wallenstein

10. #17 Korbyn Anderson

11. #144 Max Taillefer

12. #221 Daniel Benham

13. #413 Evan Daudt

14. #37 Mike George

15. #75 Martin Moland


Round 1

The Pros embarked on Canterbury Park where Logan Christian and Tucker Hibbert picked up on there success this season in Round 1 heat one. Logan Christian pulled the early lead but was passed early but the 10x Champion Tucker Hibbert. Hibbert would lead 8 laps of the 10 lap qualifier, edging out Christian by 11 seconds. Ryan Springer had his best heat race of the season by finishing third in Round 1. Polaris riders Kyle Pallin and Kody Kamm would jump out to an early lead in the second heat race of Round 1. Pallin would get the holeshot and lead the early stages of the race before the reigning Champion Kody Kamm charged hard to the lead. The two veteran racers would take the top two positions while Pro rookie Leo Patenaude rounded out the top three.

Round 2

In Round 2 Kody Kamm, Dylan Hall and Leo Patenaude went over the finish line three wide. Kamm would edge the other two Pro riders early and slowly start to extend his lead. Dylan Hall would run a solid second while Patenaude, Angove and Renhiem battled for the third position. As the checkered flag flew the #1 of Kody Kamm earned his second heat race win of the day. Dylan Hall was second and Leo Patenaude third. The final heat race of the day for the Pro class was exactly what Tucker Hibbert was looking for. He pulled a huge holeshot over a stacked field. Logan Christian would start the race in second but was passed early by the AMSOIL rider of Lincoln Lemieux. Lemieux would put a hard charge on the race leader Hibbert, but would fall short to Hibberts dominance. Logan Christian would finish third in the final Pro heat race of Round 5 at the Pirtek Snocross National Presented by Jimmy Johns.


The moment all the fans have been waiting for, the Pro final for Round 5 at the Pirtek Snocross National. As the seats were full at Canterbury park the light went green and the Hentges teammates of Petter Narsa and Kody Kamm jump out to the early race lead. The Arctic Cat rider of Dylan Hall got off to another great start and rounded out the top three after lap one. The reigning Champion Kody Kamm was able to pass his teammate early in the race and move into the first. After the lap five mark the top two remained the same as Adam Renheim moved into third, Tim Tremblay in fourth and Jake Angove in fifth. Tim Tremblay made an aggressive move to get past the #311 of Renheim and move into a podium position. At the half way point of the race the Hentges teammates of Kamm and Narsa still run in the top two positions. AMSOIL rider Tim Tremblay still runs in the third position while Lincoln Lemieux and Jake Angove round out the top five. Lemieux had a mechanical issue on lap 11 taking him out of podium contention and out of the race. Tucker Hibbert was involved with an accident on the start of the race causing his handlebars to break in half. Impressively Hibbert still was able to limp around the racetrack although having to hold onto the broken handlebars. With 5 laps to go, the Polaris Pirtek riders of Kamm and Narsa are still running up front with Tim Tremblay 9 seconds back. With the mechanical issue of Lemieux, Logan Christian moved himself into the fourth position. Kyle Pallin has battled through the snow dust and the field to move into the top five. Jake Angove runs in the 6th position with 4 laps to go, and as a rookie this would be his best career finish. With only one lap to go the field of drivers remained the same. Kody Kamm ends Hibberts win streak to earn his first Victory of the season. Petter Narsa crossed the finish line in second also giving him his first podium of the season. The final spot on the podium was filled by the #11 Tim Tremblay. Kyle Pallin and Logan Christian will round out the top five in Round 5.

1.#1 Kody Kamm

2. #54 Petter Narsa

3. #11 Tim Tremblay

4. #324 Kyle Pallin

5. #43 Logan Christian

6. #52 Johan Lidman

7. #177 Jake Angove

8. #311 Adam Renheim

9. #421 Dylan Hall

10. #541 Ryan Springer

11. #248 Brett Nastala

12. #68 Tucker Hibbert

13. #98 Nick Pattyn

14. #13 Lincoln Lemieux

15. #27 Leo Patenaude

Pro AM Women

Malene Anderson once again crossed the AMSOIL Finish Line in the first position while Megan Brodeur in second. Taven Woodie earned her first Pro AM Women’s podium Friday evening in the third position.

Pro AM Plus 30

The Veterans of the sport took to the track for Round 5 where Paul Bauerly earned the victory and extended his points lead. Multi time CSRA Pro Open Champion Iain Hayden was the runner up at Canterbury Park. #193 Matt Pichner also got onto the box at the Pirtek Snocross National Presented by Jimmy Johns with a third place finish.

2017/2018 ISOC National Snocross Tour Schedule 

Duluth, MN // November 24-27, 2017

Jackson Hole, WY // December 8-9, 2017

Shakopee, MN // January 5-6, 2018

Deadwood, SD // January 19-20, 2018

Salamanca, NY // February 16-17, 2018

Mt. Pleasant, MI // February 23-24, 2018

Dubuque, IA // March 9-10, 2018

Lake Geneva, WI // March 16-17, 2018

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