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Ste-Sophie, March 29, 2018

The Mailloux Racing team concluded its season in the ISOC Amsoil Championship, March 16-18, with the 8th and final round during the Ram Trucks Snocross Grande Finale that was taking place at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Held on the ski slopes of Grand Geneva’s Mountain Top, the track was one of the most challenging of the season, with huge uphill and downhill sections. To make it more tricky, the race organizers decided that the track will run backwards this year.

Our participation in the CSRA Canadian Snowcross Championship allows us to race in the traditional ‘Showdown’ races in Lake Geneva on Friday. Our Ski-Doo rider #111, Nathan Mailloux, was in action in the Junior 10-13 class. In his only qualifying round, Nathan has a good start, but fell off his sled, and he ends up in 8th place. Just qualified 15th, Nathan came off his sled once again in the final, and he finishes in 14th place.

Still on Friday, our Ski-Doo rider #880, Martin Mailloux, was racing in Pro AM+30 for the National ISOC Championship. Martin placed 4th in his first qualifying round, and 5th in his second round. In the finale that evening, Martin has a good race and he crossed the finish line in 9th place.

Nathan is back on track early Saturday morning in the Transition 9-13 class. In his first round, he finishes in 6th position, and in his second round, he has a good race and placed 2nd. But he placed 6th at the checkered flag in the final. The last race of the season in the Pro AM+30 class is also on the schedule for Martin on Saturday night. In the qualifying rounds, he finishes in 7th and 6th place. Martin rounds out his ISOC season with a 12th place in the final.

Nathan is the only rider in action on Sunday morning in the Junior 10-13 class. He finishes his first qualifying round in 6th position, and again in 6th position in his second qualifying round. Nathan has a pretty tough race in the final, placing 11th for his last ISOC race of the season.

On Sunday night was held the yearend Awards Banquet to honor the best racers of the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross. In the Transition 9-13 class, Nathan earns a plaque for his 10th place in Championship, despite having only race in five race weekends out of eight. In the Junior 10-13 class, Nathan ends up in 13th place in Championship. And for Martin, he ends up in 11th place in the Pro Am+30 Championship.

Lake Geneva Results

Friday        Nathan      Junior 10-13 :        Rd1 : 8th     Rd2 : –       LCQ : –      Final : 14th

                  Martin       Pro AM+30 :        Rd1 : 4th     Rd2 : 5th     LCQ : –      Final : 9th

Saturday    Nathan      Transition 9-13 :    Rd1 : 6th     Rd2 : 2nd    LCQ : –      Final : 6th

                  Martin       Pro AM+30 :        Rd1 : 7th     Rd2 : 6th     LCQ : –      Final : 12th

Sunday       Nathan      Junior 10-13 :       Rd1 : 6th     Rd2 : 6th     LCQ : –      Final : 11th

Although it is the end of the ISOC Championship, we still have two more race weekends to go in the CSRA Canadian Snowcross Championship. The Mailloux Racing team will takes part in the fourth round of the CSRA Championship, March 24-25, at the Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener, Ontario.



Mailloux Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors / partners as this racing season would not be possible without their support.

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