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Ste-Sophie, February 27, 2019

The Mailloux Racing team took part in a doubleheader  ISOC / CSRA this weekend, February 22-24. The team headed first to the State of New York, to Salamanca, for the sixth round of the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross, on Friday February 22. The team is immediately back in Canada in the afternoon, for the fourth round of the CSRA Canadian Snowcross Championship which took place in Innisfil, Ontario, on February 23-24.

Located in the parking lot of the Seneca Allegany Casino, in Salamanca, NY, the crew made enough snow for a nice technical track. Our Ski-Doo rider #111, Nathan Mailloux, has a busy morning on Friday with a total of eight track presences in the Junior 14-15 and Junior 16-17 classes. He placed 4th and 5th in his qualifying rounds in the Junior 14-15 class. Qualified 7th for the final, Nathan is hit in the air on the big jump at the start, and he is then at the back of the pack. Nathan makes a nice comeback until the last lap, when he get hit by another rider, and he is unfortunately placed in 11th position. In the Junior 16-17 class, Nathan finishes in 6th place in the first qualifying round, and 5th in the second round. Which gives him the 10th pick at the start of the final, and it’s still in 10th place that he crosses the finish line. It’s only lunch time, but our day is already over in Salamanca, and it’s now time to take the road to Canada, direction Innisfil, Ontario.

The races take place at the Georgian Downs, and it’s a very large track that was built by the CSRA crew. Nathan start his day well on Saturday with four wins in his four races in the Junior classes. In the Junior 14-15 class, Nathan placed 1st in his qualifying rounds, giving him the win overall. He does the same in the Junior 16-17 class with 1st places in qualifications, and the 1st place overall. Nathan is back on track in the afternoon with the Sport 2 class. In the first heat race, he’s having a good race and he ended up in 2nd position. He then finishes in 5th place in the second heat race. Qualified 3rd for the final, Nathan managed to get on the podium with a great 2nd place at the checkered flag.

On Sunday morning, Nathan continue his winning streak in the Junior 14-15 class, with 1st places in the heat races, for the 1st place overall. In the first round in Junior 16-17, Nathan got the lead, but he get caught in a corner, and falls over, placing him in 7th place. Nathan finishes 2nd in the second round, giving him the 5th place overall. In the Sport 2 class, Nathan brings his #111 Ski-Doo in 3rd place in the first heat race. Nathan gets the holeshot in the second heat race and he leads the way to a 1st place at the checkered flag. Nathan has the first pick at the starting line in the final, and he knows a good start again. He is overtaken, but managed to take back the lead and maintain it to grab his first win in the Sport 2 class.

Salamanca Results:


Junior 14-15 : Rd1 : 4th     Rd2 : 5th     LCQ : –      Final : 11th         

Junior 16-17 : Rd1 : 6th      Rd2 : 5th     LCQ : –      Final : 10th

Innisfil Results:


Junior 1 14-15 : Rd1 :  1st     Rd2 :  1st     Overall :    1st         

Junior 2 16-17 : Rd1 :  1st     Rd2 :  1st    Overall :    1st             

Sport 2 : Rd1 :  2nd   Rd2 :  5th    Final :        2nd


Junior 1 14-15 : Rd1 :  1st     Rd2 :  1st    Overall :    1st                               

Junior 2 16-17 : Rd1 :  7th    Rd2 :  2nd   Overall :    5th                               

Sport 2 : Rd1 :  3rd    Rd2 :  1st    Final :        1st

The Mailloux Racing team will hit the road again for the fifth round of the CSRA Canadian Snowcross Championship which takes place this weekend, March 2-3, in Timmins, Ontario.



Photo Credit  Backcountry Motorsports Media

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