Snocross Team Announces Sponsorship Program

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Woodies Racing, based in Princeton, Minnesota, is now accepting applications for those interested in being sponsored by the team. The new sponsorship program is open to anyone in the snowmobile industry; a team, an individual racer, or an event. Interested candidates must apply through the Woodies Racing Sponsorship application.

Paul and Kym Woodie are no strangers to supporting the snowmobile industry. Before racing on the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, they hosted grassroots snocross races in western Wyoming and they also got involved with local hill climbers. Once on the national snocross tour, Woodies Racing sponsored and developed the Jr. Girls Class. This decision was influenced by female racer Taven Woodie, wanting to give the young girls another place to showcase their talent.

Taven inspired us to improve the opportunities for young girls who want to race snocross. When our team first started, Arctic Cat and FXR helped us, now we want to pay it forward.

Paul Woodie

Implementation of an official program is the next step. Staff and owners were getting bombarded with support requests while trying to focus on their duties. The program will offer clear direction to those interested in applying, therefore, limiting questions to staff.

A defined structure brings measurement and accountability to those supported. Sponsorship is not a donation, but rather an opportunity for marketing managers to track the value generated. Organizing the team’s sponsorship also provides a way to bring more value to their sponsors. It’s a win for those who need support, it’s a win for Woodies Racing, and it’s a win for team sponsors.


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