Last Call and Boss Racing Team Up in Anticipation of the 2020 Snocross Season

Matt Skubic Uncategorized

Last Call and the BOSS Racing snocross team are excited to announce a strategic partnership, combining the power and potency of Last Call’s offering with the commitment and skill of BOSS Racing to create the ultimate performance alliance.

Launching commercial production in January 2019, Last Call was designed for those who work and play hard. Last Call’s proprietary beverage is comprised of a combination of vitamins, botanicals and minerals known for their positive health impacts. The unique formula is meticulously crafted from several natural, non-GMO, premium ingredients, perfect for those wanting an all-natural boost of energy or a recovery aid after intense physical activity.

Founded in 2004, BOSS Racing is an elite Canadian snocross team competing in the world’s toughest snowmobiling events. Teaming up with Last Call to ensure the highest level of performance and recovery, BOSS Racing will continue its push to dominate in the sport of snocross in the 2020 season.

General Manager of Last Call, Dean Sarich, states that the collaboration between the racing team and the recovery beverage “will help propel [BOSS Racing] to a safe and successful season! … we feel that this is an excellent strategic fit for the brand and offers significant upside for both parties as we move into the future.”

By leveraging each other’s strengths and benefits, together, Last Call and BOSS Racing can look forward to winning both on and off the track, exposing both brands to millions of active lifestyle consumers who work hard and play hard every day.

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