Warnert Racing Race Report

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Rounds 12 & 13
ERX Re-Dux the Elk River Triangle

  ISOC Snocross makes its return to the historic World Champion Derby Complex in over a decade of absence. Eagles weren’t the only thing soaring as temperatures reached well above freezing. The battles also heated up on the track for the championship points race under perfect skies.

The first round of qualifying saw the 221 machines of Benham lining up outside with the last pick on the line. With a glint of green mirrored in the lens of his Scott goggles, he holds his sled pinned around the outside of the first turn and threads the needle. Entering the rhythm section in the lead, pounding out perfect laps to win the qualifier wire to wire. Frank in the following heat also gifted with the last pick of the gate is forced to line up on the long side of the corner…DOWNLOAD THE FULL PRESS RELEASE OR VISIT WARNERTRACING.COM to read the rest of the weekend race details!