Hentges Racing’s Oskar Norum Named Grand Snocross World Champion

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Shakopee, MN (3/28/21) – Hentges Racing left it all on the table during the season’s finale rounds in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and both their Pro racers, Oskar Norum and Kody Kamm, didn’t disappoint with their podium finishes.

Fresh off back-to-back Pro final wins the weekend before in Eagle River, Norum swept both his heats Friday (1-1) and put on an amazing display of talent and determination, working his way through the field after a poor start, to passing into second place with two laps remaining, holding the podium position.

Norum said, “The track this weekend was reversed versus the previous weekend. Right hand turns were the challenge, but I made the race harder on myself with the poor start. (smiles) I worked my way through the field making many passes and had a lot of fun getting to second place.”

During Saturday’s Pro final, it was Kamm’s turn to shine as #53 returned to the track after sitting out the previous Eagle River rounds. Kamm took his Polaris in a head-to-head challenge with third and fourth positions. As he mounted pressure, the two racers he was battling took each other out and Kamm was able to pass and hold third until the checkers. Much like Friday, Norum worked his way through the pack and rounded out the top five finishers.

Kamm said, “Hentges Racing team was great this season, as were our Polaris race sleds. I had three podiums this year and had visions and momentum for more, but getting sick last week really set me back. I look forward to next year and can’t thank all of our great sponsors enough for supporting me.”

When the podium celebrations concluded, Craig Marchbank from the World Championship Derby Complex, named Oskar Norum the Grand Snocross World Champion, and presented him with a large trophy.

“Based on your sweep of last weekend’s Pro finals and your second place finish Friday, we scored you (Oskar) as the Grand Snocross World Champion of Eagle River this year. Congratulations on your success,” said Marchbank.

Hentges Racing team owner, Nate Hentges said, “We had a great season and couldn’t have done it without our great sponsors, hard-working team and on-track success of Oskar and Kody. It’s a great feeling to finish top three in season points and it’s important to note, Oskar was one point away from second. (laughs) It was definitely an exciting points race.” For more information on Hentges Racing visit www.hentgesracing.com. Follow Hentges Racing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.