Warnert Racing Race Report

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Rounds 15 & 16
Eagle River Rewound,

Where Every Second Counts

The team revisits the historic World Champion Derby Complex for the final weekend of Snocross action. A break from the typical “hurry up and turn left” format as the course was run in a clockwise direction for a change. This proved to be a challenge all on its own as the eagles went home to roost when the rain clouds rolled in. 

  Practice witnessed not much separation in lap times as the teal twins were both inside the top five.  Of those top five times, the separation was less than half a second. The opening round had Benham lining up outside once again with an unlucky randomly generated “the last pick.” With a decent drive to the first corner that “last pick” once again dealt Its consequences. Being positioned on the outside of the turn the field was able to push 221 over the berm off track. Relegating Dan to the rear and forced to play another game of catch-up. DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE REPORT OR VISIT WARNERTRACING.COM.