Registration Checklist

Driver Checklist For Registration using Raceday

  • Create Account

    Create your account by going to

  • Complete Your Profile

    Once you have created your account, Please take a moment to complete your profile information that will be displayed on 

  • Add Sleds

    On the left-hand menu, select “Sleds”. Complete the information for each machine you have, and include a photo. 

  • Upload Profile Photo

    Upload a photo of your face… let the world see who you are!

  • Complete Bio

    Under Profile in the lower-left, slide the green arrow to see the additional menu items, and click on “About Me”. This is most of your profile. Please complete the bio, and note you can use HTML in your bio or Markdown to make it look awesome. You can select to view your profile by clicking “Check it out!” on the right. 

  • Add Sponsors

    Next, select “Sponsors” under profile and fill in the names of your sponsors and give them a link back to their website… and you can tell them that Raceday sees almost a 200,000 visitors per month – that should help get them some traffic!

  • ISOC Membership Registration

    Now you’re ready to register. First, buy your ISOC membership by clicking “Membership Status” under your profile and following the screens. 

  • Register for Events

    When you are done with that, you are ready to register for your first event. When you select an event, Raceday will prompt you for information that we need to complete your registration, and you will only need to fill it in once. 

  • 1099 Information

    1099 Information: When you win more than $600 in a season, ISOC is required to report that information. If you are an individual racing, fill in the form with your social security number. If you are racing for a team and the team receives the payout, be sure to fill in their legal name, address and Employee Identification (EIN) instead. This information is stored very securely, and is deleted at the end of the season. 

  • See you at the Races!

    That’s it! Remember you can change any sled or profile information at any time, and review any order you placed. Any order you do complete will generate a receipt that is emailed to you, and you can pull them up under “Order History” as well. 

Feel free to reach out at anytime if you have questions or need anything. Looking forward to a great season and being able to work with all of you!

Bobby Wherritt
Member Relations Director
(763) 219-5917
bobby ( at )