2015-2016 ISOC Rulebook

2015-2016 ISR Rulebook



Be sure to check back for updates periodically. It is up to you to be aware of rule changes posted here.




1. Jr. 10-13 class – STUDS are Allowed.  Read more here.

2. New this year – One mechanic allowed at the start line with the rider.  Upper body protection such as a TekVest or something similar, is required for the mechanic.  No arm pads needed.  Must be approved by ISOC.  If you have questions, please email a photo of the vest in question to

3. Safety tech in staging every morning. Top three to tech after every round. If you skip tech, you may get a penalty or DQ.

4. Transponders at the National are mandatory. If you race without one, you will be scored last in your heat.

5. Late Entries – Due to an ever increasing number of “late entries” or registrations at the track, we will be sticking to our Late Fee of $25 per class for any entries done after the registration deadline. Online registration closes the day prior to the weekend of the event.


Bib Numbers

The Pro Lite drivers running the NATIONAL ACS Circuit as their primary circuit will be allowed to run single and double digit bib numbers. Numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis once membership opens September 12, 2015.

Orange Helmets

We will be STRICTLY enforcing this rule this year. There will be no one allowed on the track if their helmet does not meet the standards set forth in the ISR rulebook above.