Hultens Join Leighton/Polaris Superteam

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Leighton Motorsports and Trace and Wendy Leighton are excited to announce three new Members to their Factory Polaris Snocross Team. These new members include, Ray and Lisa Hulten and Josh Swieton.

“We needed to go to the next level mechanically” stated Trace Leighton. “Tom Rager Sr., Polaris Race Director, approached me last season about the possibility of the Hultens and Josh joining our team for 2011/12. We were immediately excited about that possibility. With Ray’s accomplishments in the racing world it was a no brainer.” “I think this is now going to develop into one of the top teams in the country” said Tom Rager Sr. Tom Rager Jr, Assistant Polaris Race Director, also commented that “Ray definitely knows how to tune a snowmobile!”

Trace Leighton also noted that “The addition of Lisa Hulten helping with Sponsors is going to be a huge help to me throughout the entire year. We spent quite a bit of time with the Hultens and Josh last season and all agree they are going to be a huge asset to our team both on and off the track. They are great people!”

Crew Chief: Ray Hulten grew up wrenching on anything and everything that had a motor. He started his career working in his father’s repair garage. Venturing out from there Ray found his love of snowmobiles and dirt bikes while working at a local Dealership. In 1994, Ray started his own career as a racer until 2000 when he switched over to tuning sleds. Ray ran his own race team, Hulten Speed Sports, from 2004 until 2011, which won many Eastern Championships. Ray is a perfectionist and has only one intention, TO WIN!

Mechanic: Josh Swieton has always been a part of the Hulten’s lives. He grew up around Ray and Lisa and has been working right by Ray’s side for the last 2 ½ years. Josh has an Associates Degree in CNC Engineering and is also an avid snowmobiler. At only 21 years old, Josh has already developed a very hard work ethic.

Sponsorships: Lisa Hulten has had years of experience working with and running a race team. She has always handled the responsibilities of the sponsorship programs and promotions of their race team. In the first week of being part of Leighton Motorsports, she has already signed up a new very important sponsor we will be announcing later this summer.