Sportech Seeing Red For 2012

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Sportech Racing is returning to action in 2012 with a very familiar lineup that made an impact in both the Semi-Pro and Pro classes last season. One thing will be noticeably different when the trailer door comes down in Duluth, however, and that is the change to Polaris snowmobiles. “We have been a self-funded team in the past and it’s not for the weak of heart, let me tell you” said team owner Chris Carlson. ” The new partnership with Polaris is huge for us and we are really excited.”

In addition to this major announcement, Sportech Racing is working with a number of outside sponsors and will have an announcement in the near future on a significant addition to the team. 2011 was a highly successful effort for Sportech, especially considering pro racer Johan Lidman of Sweden was working through culture shock and a foreign style of racing. Semi-Pro rider Andrew Carlson had his own hill to climb as a rookie in a stacked class that featured a number of riders who had been competing at that level for several seasons.

The combination of increased support from Polaris and a full year of experience on the national tour should make the Sportech squad a formidable contender right out of the gate in November.