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We are getting close to the start of the 2011-’12 ISOC AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series race season and I just wanted to talk about some more updates that we have for you this upcoming season.

First off, one of the biggest is the addition of Jesse Strege as acting Race Director. I wouldn’t say really addition because ISOC has been lucky enough to have Jesse involved last year. I will still play a large role with the daily schedule, on-track calls and other race director decisions, but the final on-track calls will be made by Jesse. He has been great to work with and I’m pumped to see him take on this new role because he is one of the best in this industry.

Another change is in the Tech Director position with Scott Erlandson becoming ISOC’s new head tech director. Scott’s father, Glenn, has been another huge influence, but at this time Glenn needs to focus on other things. Scott’s looking forward to the opportunity and, with one year under his belt, he’ll play a huge role in making sure it is a safe and fair racing environment. It should also be noted here that Scott will be following the ISR rulebook when it comes to the technical side of snowmobile equipment. Don’t worry if you don’t have an ISR rule book because, as you will see when we come out with the ISOC rulebook, all of the things that pertain to snocross from a technical standpoint are in there. We are making sure that the rulebook is good-to-go before we come out with it because it means so much.

Another big thing everyone has to look for is the orange on clothing and helmet rule. Collectively as a group we have decided that since it is in the rulebook, we need to make sure it is enforced. It really comes down to safety and your well-being.  If you have been watching or reading about other motorsport industries tragic losses lately, you will realize the number one priority of any type of racing is to keep you safe. ISOC will always focus on this. Look for the ISOC rulebook real soon under the rules and regulations section of the website.

Speaking of website, watch for ISOC’s all new website to launch right around November 1. Everyone here is all fired up about it and are confident that our new marketing campaign will be well received. The goal is simple; content, content and more content. I want people to know what is going on up to the second and portray this sport with the professional and positive image it deserves. The website will be user friendly and the source of all information within our sport.

Lastly, one more big addition, is our new timing and scoring company, E-Score.  You may have seen a press release, but don’t forget to get your new transponder at so that you’re good-to-go for the season.  The addition of the red number plate background for the points leader is yet another good addition. We want the spectator to be able to identify the current point’s leader and I believe it means a lot to the rider running it.

Those are just some of the updates, but look for more real soon. I will keep you updated and look for all the cool new stuff on Till next time, Think Snow! – Carl