Checking In With CBR’s Logan Christian

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Hey guys! Hope everyone’s summer was good.  Mine was a bit on the slow end.  Some of you know I was racing dirt bikes at the CMRC Canadian Nationals and got injured. I tore my ACL and meniscus and have been out all summer.   I was laid up for about a solid month and then eventually got back to work.   We have been really busy in the fields and getting stuff all caught up with harvest.   I have been going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week.  There is a guy in Fertile that has helped me with most all of my injuries, he is the one helping me now and it is going really good.  I am ahead of schedule which is good, because according to the protocol I am suppose to start running and jumping 2 days before Duluth, but that’s not stopping me!

On the team side of things:  Cory Davis is back with us after his gnarly foot injury last year.  He is at the Red Bull Fuel+Fury freestyle show this weekend which is really sweet.   Garth Kaufman is back again on the team.   Garth, Cory, my lil’ cuzin’ Evan Christian and I are all out of the same trailer this year for snocross.  For the cross country series we have Ryan Simons, D.J Ekre, and Brian Dick.  We are really excited for the season, most of the team should be here in Fertile next week which will really get everyone in the mood for racing to start!   Christian Brothers have some big surprises for this season so everyone be prepared!