Team Press: Fort Fremont Marine Racing to Announce Race Team Members

Kimster Team Press

Fremont, WI (November 16, 2011) Fort Fremont Marine Race team is proud to announce the joining of three new drivers to the Polaris race team- Tabitha Bode (Pro Am Women- Nationals & Regional circuit), Nathan Lusk (Novice- Regional circuit), and Cody Holewinski (Sport- National and Regional circuit). The race team already consists of Jeff Thomson (Pro Plus 40- Regional circuit) and Jake Buttles (Sport- Regional circuit), who both have been racing for four years. The team is very pleased to announce the addition to the race team and we are looking forward to continue the success this snocross season.

Cody Holewinski, #110, has been racing snowmobiles since he was four, starting out on the 120’s. From there, he jumped up into the fan cooled class, and after taking home the checkered two years in a row, he competed in the Junior 14-15 class, and took 3rd place twice. Fort Fremont race team is looking forward to supporting and watching Cody compete in the 2011-2012 race season.

Tabitha Bode, #503, has been racing snocross for two years, but racing snowmobiles for 7. She competed in all National races eligible for the Pro Women’s class last year, and finished 9th in the circuit. She is a very dedicated rider who is ready to rip on the track this year and Fort Fremont is ecstatic to announce the joining of her on the race team this winter.

Nathan Lusk, #117, is a first year snocross rider with lots of potential. His hard work and practice on and off the track has impressed those who have watched him ride and we are very pleased to announce that he will be racing with Fort Fremont this year.
Jake Buttles, # 741, has been racing snocross for three years, but formally was a quad racer. He finished 9th in the regional circuit in the semi-pro class. This year, Fort Fremont is excited to have Buttles on the team again.

Jeff Thomson, #280, has been racing “forever”. He started in ice ovals and switched to snocross. Last year, he placed first in the points championships (GNSS, ISOC Regional, Wisconsin). The team is very excited to have this veteran racer leading them along the way.
Fort Fremon Marine Racing is looking forward to another successful year this upcoming winter and everybody is gearing up for success on the tracks.