Team Press: Kody Needs a Nickname..And You Could Give it to Him!

Kimster Team Press

After Kody Kamm won his first Pro Lite race at Duluth, it was evident that he will need a nickname! Unable to come up with a suitable nickname on the spot at the podium Kody, Hentges Racing and FXR are turning it over to the fans to get creative for a $100 FXR Online Credit!

How it will work….the official entry page is on the Hentges Racing Facebook page where you comment on the thread for the Nickname Kody Kamm section and the winner will be chosen by Kody and the Team during the Canterbury National weekend. The first person to comment the chosen name will be the winner of a $100 credit to the FXR Online store!

Thanks to FXR for adding to the excitement with an awesome $100 prize!