Team Press: Hayden & Butler Heading to Russia for World Snowcross Championship

Kimster Team Press

Team Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing’s Iain Hayden and Lee Butler will be heading for Russia to compete in the prestigious FIM Snowcross World Championship, which will be held in the country’s Ivanovo Region on February 25th.

This will be the first time in the history of World Championship Snowcross racing that the event will be held in Russia. The Technical Sports Centre Semigorje is already under contract to host the event through 2015; it will also hold round 11 of the FIM Motocross World Championship this summer.

Hayden and Butler received a personal invitation to take part in the event and jumped at the chance to bang handlebars with the world’s best riders.

“The World Championship is always a high-caliber event and I’m proud to have been asked to take part in it. Snowmobiling is a growing sport and recreational activity in Russia so this is a big deal for them to host the World Championship and a great opportunity for us to show what we’ve got to offer,” said Hayden, who has raced two previous FIM World Championships in Europe.

“I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m definitely excited to be taking part in this event. Racing is racing. It should be cool. I’m not putting any numbers on it, but if I can go there and ride the best that I can, I’ll leave there more satisfied than anything.”

At least eight countries are slated to send their top riders to compete for the 2012 title including Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the U.S. Entries are also expected from Iceland and Italy.

Team Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing’s technicians have modified Hayden’s and Butler’s Polaris IQ 600 sleds in order to meet the FIM’s sound and fuel restrictions, and non-use of traction products in the track of the snowmobile.

The teammates will leave for Russia after riding the CSRA Canadian National at Valcourt, QC on the weekend of February 18/19 and will miss the regional event at Cochrane on February 25/26.

Hayden is currently holding down second place in the Pro Open points chase in defense of his 2011 championship crown while Butler is in third.

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