Team Press: Logan Christian to compete in the Swedish Super Snowcross Championships

Kimster Team Press

Thursday the 26th of January Logan Christian of Christian Brothers Racing will attend the the Swedish Super Snowcross Championship Östersund, Sweden. Joining him will be thirty of the best Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian snowcross racers. Amongst them we can find ISOC Pro Lite drivers Petter Nårsa (reigning Swedish Super Snowcross Champion) and John Stenberg.

The track is built at Östersunds biggest soccer stadium – Jamtkraft Arena. The stadium has 5000 seats and the track is mostly moulded with snow created from snow guns. It´s built mainly on the artificial grass which demands extreme carefullness of the builders. The course is extremely short – about 300 meters (328 yards) – and contains two big jumps and a high velodrome curve. The rest of the track has normal curves, jumps and whoopies. The track is highly inspired by the courses in North America.

Racing starts at 4 pm Swedish time (9 am CST) and the final will be at 8 pm Swedish time (1 pm CST). The Swedish national television will live stream the whole event. They will use four camera angles – two from the course and two from the biggest audience bleacher. Here’s the link to the webcast: