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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dylan Harju and his family. We love you Dylan. On February 13th while having a routine practice session for upcoming shows Dylan Harju had a flip over rotate and pushed away from the sled right before impact. In what appeared to be a best case scenario get off he was knocked unconscious, was unresponsive and taken by ambulance to Regions Hospital in St Paul, MN. It was discovered he had suffered some head trauma with swelling and some bleeding in his brain. At this time the doctors are monitoring his condition and feel that surgery can be avoided. Dylan has been in the ICU on a sedative IV since the accident and although he is fully able to breath on his own has been placed on a ventilator to help take any added stress off of his body. All of Dylan’s vitals are great and he has no other physical injuries. There is no timetable for recovery at this point but they are expecting him to come too within a week or two. Brain injuries are very tricky and we have been told it will be a lengthy stay no matter what.