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2011-’12 ISOC AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series champ opens up on his move to Scheuring Speed Sports to defend his Pro Open title

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MINNEAPOLIS (May 14, 2012) – The already powerful Scheuring Speed Sports team, featuring Robbie Malinoski and Darrin Mees, just ratcheted things up another couple notches this past week when they acquired defending 2011-’12 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series champion Tim Tremblay.

The fast-running and super consistent Tremblay, racing this past season for Warnert Racing/Ski-Doo, came up big late in the year by sweeping the Fargo, N.D. rounds at BRRP and took a commanding lead into the Lake Geneva (Wis.) finals where he wrapped up the overall championship – Tremblay’s first Pro Open title to go with an ACSS Semi-Pro Open title in 2008-’09.

In all Tremblay would win four ACSS events this past season, including Shakopee, Minn. and Pontiac, Mich., en route to the overall championship.

Now back in Canada, ramping up things on his dirt bike and basking in the fact he won the world’s premier snocross racing series championship, Tremblay was gracious in answering a few questions for ISOC to get ACSS fans caught up on this big deal he just signed, along with what he’s got going on this summer.

ISOC/ACSS: Before we hit you up on your new team, has the 2012 ISOC AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series’ overall title set in yet? How does it feel to the recognized as the best of all the world’s greatest snocross racers?

Tremblay: It feels awesome. I’m still living the dream!

ISOC/ACSS:  So tell us how this all went down … when did Steve Scheuring approach you on joining his program … how did you break the news to everyone at Warnert Racing?

Tremblay: After Lake Geneva Steve Scheuring and I talked together about having me on his team for the upcoming season and then we came to an agreement couple weeks later. Before I signed anything with Steve I did call Mark Warnert, discussed with him for a while and let him know that I wasn’t coming back.

ISOC/ACSS: You’re joining a team with two established racers. Robbie Malinoski’s a proven winner and the hyper-fast Darrin Mees was the ACSS’ Rookie of the Year for 2012. Racing under the same tent with those guys is going to be interesting. Talk about the positive effects that’ll have on your 2012-’13 ACSS season.

Tremblay: I think it’s going to be good for all of us. Robbie had an awesome season last year. Came out strong at Duluth and kept it all season long. He has a lot of experiences in racing, he is training hard and he knows how to make the sled fast (I have seen that all last year laugh!). Darrin really impressed myself last year. He had a great season for his first year pro. Darrin has really good speed. We use to be teammate and I remember sometimes he was killing my lap times when we were practicing together. The three of us in the same team is going to make all of us better and Scheuring Speed Sports a killer team.

ISOC/ACSS: Along those same lines, do you think there can be any drawbacks when you put three racers of that caliber on the same team, running the same sleds?

Tremblay: I think it’s going to be an advantage instead. We will push each other to make ourselves better and it’s going to be a team hard to beat on the track for sure.

ISOC/ACSS: Are you bringing your mechanic with you?

Tremblay: So far I don’t think so.

ISOC/ACSS: One major benefit regarding the Warnert-to-Scheuring deal will be that you don’t have switch brands – running Ski-Doo again for the upcoming season. How important was that in your decision to make the move?

Tremblay: It was really important because Ski-Doo did believe in me right away at the beginning when I started racing snocross. I have been with them my entire career in the USA so far and I wish I could stay with them for the rest of it.

ISOC/ACSS: In addition to Ski-Doo, what were some of the other attributes the Scheuring Speed Sports’ AMSOIL/U.S. Air Force/Rockstar/Ski-Doo team had to offer that let you to switch?

Tremblay: The Scheuring has been working hard on the Ski-Doo sled and made it consistent and fast in any conditions. As you can see Robbie and Darrin had great success with that team and that is why I want to be part of it.

ISOC/ACSS: Was your deal front page news in Ste-Jeanne-D’arc, Quebec?

Tremblay: Not yet it’s still fresh news, but I’m sure it will soon (laughter).

ISOC/ACSS: So what’s the reigning ISOC ACSS Pro Open champ been doing since Lake Geneva? What are your plans over the summer, anything fun?

Tremblay: I did race in Sweden the weekend after Geneva. It was my first time overseas. I had a lot of fun racing over there. Emil Oman and his family took good care of me very well. They only negative point of that trip was that I took second! (laughter) After that trip I came home and took two weeks easy. After those long two weeks off  (joking) I started riding dirt bike. Right now I’m getting ready for my dirt bike race season. The first race is May 26-27. I will do the regional series in Quebec and couple east coast Monster Energy Canadian MX Nationals on a 450.

ISOC/ACSS: Outstanding! Thanks again for taking the time to get the ISOC ACSS fans caught up on your big move, Tim. Enjoy your time off this summer and we look forward to seeing you at the Scheuring Speed Sports AMSOIL/U.S. Air Force/Rockstar/Ski-Doo team’s 2012-’13 ACSS season launch at the Sno-Barons Grass Drags, aka “HayDays,” Sept. 8-9, in Sunrise, Minn.

Tremblay: Thank you. I will see everyone from ISOC for sure at HayDays. And I just want to say thanks to BRP and Steve Scheuring and his team to make it happen and all my new sponsors: Scheuring Speed Sports, AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants, Air Force, Rockstar, Makita Tools, Ski-Doo, Traxxas, Klim, Jeff Foster Trucking, Fox Shox, Woody’s, C&A Pro Skis, Goodwin Performance, Action Graphics, 50 Below, Rox and Western Power Sports.

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