Supercharger Applications from Bully Dog

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Supercharger Applications from Bully Dog
American Falls, Idaho – Bully Dog has been in the forefront of engine tuning since offering applications for diesel engines. Because innovation helped set industry standards, Bully Dog has tackled each new tune with a determination derived from both love of all things automobile and empathy for every driver wanting to make the most of their vehicle investment. Not too long ago, we once again became a leading name in tuning when we announced application for Toyota vehicles.

This new coverage has been the source of a lot of buzz all over the aftermarket automobile world, and we are happy to deliver even more great news in the form of a new update. Our latest software update will allow even more Toyota drivers to become a part of the pack with Tundra Supercharged applications!

Bully Dog Toyota tuning applications have now extended to include the 5.7L Supercharged Tundra, 2007-2013! Not only is this extending the applications, but we have added 3 all-new special features! These additional features are ABS Zero Point Calibration, ECT Reset (transmission learned values delete) and Traction Control.

Tuning for the 5.7L Supercharged Tundra will give up to a 99HP gain when using 95+ Octane fuel and 72HP gains for 93+ Octane fuel. (Dyno Chart Attached)

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There are so many ways that the Bully Dog tuning line has become a vital part for refined vehicle performance, but we stress that the best way to find out is to visit our site at and look for that product that will fit your needs the best. Also look for product reviews and visit our preferred dealers to find out exactly what Bully Dog can do for you.

Bully Dog is the industry leader in developing full-featured aftermarket enhancements for an unprecedented number of vehicle applications. Founded in 1999 and guided by the idea that every vehicle possesses untapped potential, Bully Dog equips gas, diesel and heavy duty drivers with the tools to unlock their rides’ potential power and economy gains. Visit us online at