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Number Plate Guidelines

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All the riders taking part in AMSOIL Championship Snocross, will be required to display a semi-rigid number plate on each side of the rear portion of the tunnel along with a number on the front of the sled. Panel material can be black or white, however, the background color of the panel must correspond to the class you race and the background must be large enough to display a full six inch number with a minimum of a one inch stroke, (line thickness.)

Front number requirements: Number plate must be attached to the front of sled near windshield area. Plate is recommended. You may use windshield if windshield obstructs plate from viewing.  It can also be located just below the windshield on the hood.  Must have half inch around number and be two inches tall.  This will help not only with scoring, but for identification in photo credits, TV shots, and fan recognition.

If two different riders are running the same sled, they need to change plates to have the correct number and class color for each rider. If one rider is running two classes, you just need to run the plate of the primary class.

For the Jr. 16-17 Class, if you are also running the Sport class, use the sport background.

This rule change will be enforced at pre and post race tech with no exceptions. Panels should be attached directly to the tunnels in at-least two locations and it is recommend that any portion extending above the tunnel more than three inches also be reinforced.

Plate Guidelines