The Home Team Podiums and Heads to X Games

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Shakopee, Minn. (Jan. 12, 2015) –Harsh weather conditions during AMSOIL Championship Snocross (ACS) this past weekend did not slow down Hentges Racing from taking a podium finish at the PIRTEK Snocross National. After going 2-2 in the qualifying rounds and moving on into the final as second qualifier, Monster Energy / Polaris Industries / FXR Racing’s Kody Kamm went on to a third place finish in round five of the 2014-15′ International Series of Champions (ISOC).

In one of the best finals seen so far this season, Kamm made up ground quickly, as well as his position in the point standings, after getting funneled back into the middle of the pack off the start. Just three laps in and 12 to go, Kamm was already up in second challenging Tim Tremblay for position. Second became third. As positions swapped and mistakes were made by the competition, Kamm paces himself to stay up in third place behind the front-runners right to the podium.

“Tremblay and Martin were just faster tonight. This was a tough track with timing the rhythm sections. I had good speed on the backstretch to keep me running up in the front. I didn’t make any mistakes and just rode smooth. I’m really happy to be on the podium,” said Kamm.

In round one, Kamm holeshots clean and holds off Cody Thomsen and Tucker Hibbert at the finish line table top for the lead. With a two-and-a-half second lead over Hibbert and eight laps total with two laps to go, Hibbert squares up in turn one and passes to the inside on Kamm for the lead. Kamm charges back with another lead change but Hibbert pushes back for the win. Round two repeats with another Kamm vs. Hibbert battle. Even with faster speeds on the backstretch, Hibbert finds a faster line on the front section to take the win and Kamm finishes strong again in second.

Broberg had a tough start in qualifying and finishes sixth in round one. With more bad luck he finishes seventh in round two. With a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) appearance unavoidable at this point, Broberg encounters more tough luck and with an eighth place finish and will not make the first main event.

“I felt like I was riding good and I did feel good out on the track. I just had some bad luck all day with not good starts. This track is so technical and being out front right away is key to a good finish. With the weather being so cold too, we as racers go about the day a little differently and try to stay as warm as possible so we can perform at our best,” said Broberg.

Doubles became triples and the temperature rose in round six on Saturday. The eight lap qualifying rounds continued on. Broberg starts out the day with third place. Kamm in stacked heat of all the top riders in the point standings, battles for position off the line and throughout the race against Kyle Pallin for second but finishes in third.

In round two, Kamm wins his first qualifying heat of the weekend. Broberg finishes in fourth and with much better results avoids the evening’s LCQ – moving right into the main with Kamm as fifth qualifier and Broberg in 10th.
Broberg picks the middle on the line for his place on the starting line and Kamm takes the far inside for the start of the round six final. When the light turns green, Broberg jumps with the front of pack and Kamm is pushed out and back into fifth position. By lap four Kamm is in sixth and Broberg is ahead one position in fifth. On lap six, Hentges Racing’s own battle for position and Kamm takes the fifth spot from Broberg. Hitting the triple huge after the finish line, Kamm moves up another position passing Corin Todd on the outside for fourth. At the halfway point, Broberg is in seventh when Adam Renheim makes a move.

“I had some sled issues but made the front row in the final and finished with an eight. Definitely not what I wanted and I know what I have to work on. But Saturday was much better than Friday. All my focus going forward now is prepping for X Games. I want to bring home another medal and the team wants to bring home two,” said Broberg.
By lap 10, and with five to go in the final Pro Open race of the PIRTEK Snocross National, Hibbert takes fourth position from Kamm moving him into fifth. Kamm and Broberg both finish in the top 10.

“I got a terrible start in the final on Saturday but with good lines and carrying speed I was able to make up a lot of ground on the competition and move up into fifth place. I was happy with how I did. Short of a podium finish, yes, but I had to make up several positions to finish up there,” said Kamm.
Going into round five, Broberg was ninth place in the Pro Open point standings with 105 points and Kamm up in seventh with 114 points. By the end round six, Kamm has moved up into fourth with 186 points but due to a tough round five, Broberg moves down three positions to 10th in the point standings.


Fast stats…

PIRTEK Snocross National (rd. 5) -Friday Results
Round 1: 6th Justin Broberg
2nd Kody Kamm
Round 2: 7th Justin Broberg
2nd Kody Kamm
Final: DNQ Justin Broberg
3rd Kody Kamm

PIRTEK Snocross National (rd. 6) – Saturday Results
Round 1: 3rd Justin Broberg
3rd Kody Kamm
Round 2: 4th Justin Broberg
1st Kody Kamm
Final: 8th Justin Broberg
5th Kody Kamm

The ACS PIRTEK Snocross National, round five, will air Sunday, January 18, at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. on CBS Sports. Round six from Canterbury Park will also broadcast on the CBS Sports Network at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 30. Check your local listings. Visit for the TV schedule.

The 2015 X Games Snocross is up next for Hentges Racing. The team is headed into the mountains to Aspen, Colo., in the hopes of reclaiming another two medals this year. Tune into ESPN on Jan. 25, 2015, at 1:00 MT for the non-stop action.

Right after X Games the ACS continues with rounds seven and eight at the Deadwood Snocross Shootout on Jan. 30-31, in Deadwood, S.D. There is a lot of racing news and excitement coming up, so follow Hentges Racing, as well as both pro riders Kody Kamm and Justin Broberg, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

2014-15′ AMSOIL Championship Snocross Schedule
1 – Nov. 28-30 Duluth, Minnesota
2 – Dec. 12-13 Fargo, North Dakota
3 – Jan. 9-10 Shakopee, Minnesota
4 – Jan. 30-31 Deadwood, South Dakota
5 – Feb. 6-7 Salamanca, New York
6 – Feb. 20-21 Chicago, Illinois
7 – Feb. 27-28 Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
8 – March 13-15 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin