2015-2016 Season Changes

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We hope everyone is having a great summer! We find it hard to believe that it is already August and time continues to fly by. Everyone at ISOC is very excited for the upcoming season and have been working hard to prepare for it. With the season fast approaching, we wanted to keep everyone updated with the changes that will be taking place in the 2015-2016 Snocross Season. Please review the changes below:

All Classes:

  • Parade Lap: All racers must use the same sled on the parade lap that they will use in the race immediately following the parade lap.
  • Starting Line: The goal this summer is to widen the starting line a little more to allow room for the sleds to fit comfortably. We understand that there is always snow next to the supports and by widening them we hope that the racers will be able to start on a flat surface.
  • Safety: In an effort to always have the safest racing environment, this coming year we are implementing that only 1 crew member will be able to come up to the start line with their driver. The crew member is required to wear a Tek Vest and display proper credentials. If the crew member has a pit board, there must be at least a 5 foot ­­­­extender pole so he/she can be at a safe distance from the track.

Class Changes:

  • Amateur Class: Amateur class will now be named Sport Lite.
  • Jr Novice 10-13: Jr Novice 10-13 will now be named Jr. 10-13.
  • Class Creation: A new women’s class will be added called Woodies Jr Girls 9-13.

Sport & Sport Lite:

  • Sport & Sport Lite Program: In a way to give back, we will be giving the top 5 in the final of each event day in these classes one free regional registration at any event of their choosing. We understand that it costs a lot of money to go racing and we hope this program will be a way to give back while supporting our local series throughout the US.

Pro Open:

  • Pro Open Picks: This coming year the picks will be random computer generated. Last year racers were placed in heats based upon points, but the same riders always seemed to race together because there aren’t very many Pro Open racers. We hope that going back to random will change that. (Pro Lite will continue with the heats based on points).
  • Pro Open Inversion: This year, we will be doing a front row inversion. We will run qualifying exactly the same as years past, but we will change your gate pick for the final. If you are the top qualifier you will receive the 10th pick and if you are the second qualifier you will receive the 9th pick and so on. We are awarding more championship points in the heats to make them more important and try to reduce the chance of any laying back to receive a better pick in the final. The goal of this change is to try to make racing more exciting and different. There were a lot of different ideas brought to the table, but we felt this would be the best one to implement for this upcoming season.
  • Pro Open Qualifying: If there are less than 20 racers, the top 9 will qualify directly to the final and the rest of the field will go to the LCQ in which we will pull 6 riders instead of originally 5. The winner of the LCQ will then be placed 1st pick on the front row and 2-6 will start in the back row.

We are incredibly excited for these changes and are continually striving to evolve the sport. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon and will keep you updated if there are any additional changes.