Sporting NEW Ski Color Handles

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C&A Pro has expanded the color options for our skis handles. New for this season are “Sunburst Yellow” and “Lime Green” that match current model Ski-Doo’s.

C&A Pro handles continue to be a direct replacement for previous handle designs and fit every model ski we have produced!
The handles are sold as a pair and readily available online at, located under the Ski Accessories drop-down, called Ski Handles. Hardware included with the pair.

C&A named Official Ski of Race Organizations

Racers have a long history of favoring the C&A Pro products because of strong durability and design for unmatched maneuverability. These snowmobile ski characteristics are influential to the racer’s performance. C&A Pro is proud to maintain its partnering with leading race organizations of; ISOC, ECS, USXC and IWA and to be named their “Official Ski”.

The popular SledHead24-7 also has named C&A Pro as their official ski.

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About C&A Pro Skis

C&A Pro Skis provide the most flexible and indestructible snowmobile skis on the market because they are made of durable ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material (UHMW-PE) combined with compression molded technology.   The inherent strength and performance of these premium skis makes them the choice of professional athletes worldwide.  C&A provides a full range of snowmobile skis to accommodate the various riding preferences of racing, mountain, crossover and trail.

C&A Skis are available through power sports dealers or online at .  Learn more by visiting the web or contacting us via phone 888-321-6789 or email  C&A Pro Skis has its headquarters and manufacturing in Hutchinson Minnesota and is a division of Pride Solutions LLC.