AMSOIL Championship Snocross kicks off it’s 2015-2016 season in grand fashion, make that TEN GRAND!

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Tim Tremblay holds on to win his third in a row AMSOIL Dominator race!

Contact: Mike Roth
PR Director, ISOC Racing
SPIRIT MOUNTAIN – DULUTH, MN. (November 27, 2015) – Thanksgiving weekend is usually a tradition of somewhat normal activities with family and friends for most people. But, if you are from the Northern Mid-West, Canada or anywhere there is snow white wintery bliss, it is the weekend the AMSOIL Championship Snocross season kicks off! The anticipation to hear the snap of the throttle, to see the roost of the snow, and feel the heart pounding excitement pulse through your veins as the sleds hit the course, is for many, a weekend that slams the adrenaline rush into high gear!  Hell yeah, it’s time to race!


Mother nature was onboard for opening race day with a beautiful Duluth,MN afternoon, granting the riders with clear skies and a cool 24 degrees, perfect weather for the AMSOIL Championship Snocross 2015-2016 season opener. It will be a grand payday to the Pro rider who captures the 5th Annual AMSOIL Dominator race with a $10,000 deposit in their bank account.  The top eight riders in points from 2014-2015 are automatically entered in the race while the rest of the field will need to qualify to take a spot on the final lineup.  Only two riders have conquered the AMSOIL Dominator challenge, Ross Martin winning the Inaugural and the 2nd annual cup race followed by Tim Tremblay taking honors the last two years.

Sixteen riders are paired up and go head-to-head with the winner from each bracket moving on to the next round until there are only three riders left to race, the two top finishers and an LCQ rider all gunning for the top spot on the box, the big check and bragging rights to the AMSOIL Dominator Cup Trophy.

AMSOIL DOMINATOR ROUND 1 – First off the line is Tucker Hibbert(68) matched up with Corey Watkinson(173), Tucker who has had some bad luck in the past with the AMSOIL Dominator Cup race, has no problem today and nails the holeshot going on to win and transfers to the next round.   Back-to-back (2011-2012) winner Ross Martin (837) on the newly designed Polaris sled soars over the Air Force Fly Away jump and takes the early lead and the checkers for the transfer. Christian Brothers racing Logan Christian(43) rockets out of the hole riding hard to what looks like a sure win, carving hard into the FXR Turn, bobbles a bit, goes over and on his side and Lincoln Lemieux(13) is there to capitalize and take over the lead and holds on for Round 2.

AMSOIL DOMINATOR ROUND 2 – Tucker Hibbert(68) who is paired up with Stale Eggen are first on deck, green flag drops and Tucker quickly moves into the lead and never looks back for the transfer.   What looks to be the upset of the night David Joanis(115) challenges last year’s winner and almost comes out on top, however Tremblay digs deep, makes the pass to find a spot in the Semi. Final matchup of Round 2 is Kyle Pallin(324) and Kody Kamm(53),  grabbing the bars and hammering the throttle, Pallin looks like he is shot out of canon for the holeshot and onto the Air Force Fly Away jump into turn one, however Kody Kamm is on his heals as they approach the RAM Runaway and the AMSOIL Finish Line, Kamm catches some huge air trying for the lead but falls off short heading into the FXR Turn, extending the distance Pallin sees the checkers for the win.

AMSOIL DOMINATOR SEMI – Veteran Snocross riders Ross “The Boss” Martin(837) and Tucker “T-Train” Hibbert(68) line up their skis, down goes the green flag and out of the hole launch both sleds drag racing to the Air Force Fly Away jump where Martin finds his way to the CAT Turn first. Tucker challenges early on, but falls back and out of a transfer spot for the final, but will have a final chance to make it to the show in the LCQ. The matchup of the night approaches the line, Tremblay on the inside, which has been the preferred line all night, but it is Pallin who lays down the big holeshot for the lead with a dominating performance winning the battle to move into the final. The field is set for the final, almost, up next is the LCQ where Tremblay grabs the win from Tucker and secures the spot on the back row for the final round.  


AMSOIL DOMINATOR FINAL – It is the final race of the night, the top contenders have earned their way to the big show, big prizes and bragging rights to kick off the 2015-2016 season. At the line it is Pallin and Martin with two time winner Tim Tremblay in the runner up spot on the back row. Just when you think you have seen it all, think again because this is AMSOIL Championship Snocross Pro riders doing what they do best, digging in, finding that one thing that makes them put it all on the line and ride to victory, and well, getting a $10,000 paycheck for your efforts isn’t all bad either.

Drop the green flag and see who takes the holeshot, it is Pallin with Martin just inches behind as they approach the Air Force Fly Away jump, and it’s…Tremblay from the back for the holeshot to the first turn, flying by the two best riders of the night, Tim Tremblay gets on the gas and rockets his number 11 sled to lead as he screams down the RAM Run Away towards the AMSOIL Finish line for lap one. Diving into the FXR Turn, toward the Air Force Fly Away jump out of turn one and around again never looking back, Tremblay takes both the checkers and the hardware for the night, and ten grand to sweeten the deal. From nearly losing in Round 2, a last ditch effort in the LCQ, to a dominating performance to take the win hands down, Tim Tremblay was on his game tonight when it mattered most.

Standing tall on the box for the final podium of the night Tremblay explained “It was just crazy, I started from the back row, I knew I had my line coming up the hill because I had made a few mistakes earlier, it was just amazing to get the win from the back row.”


What an incredible way to start of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross 2015-2016 season, if the racing tonight is any hint of what is in store for the rest of the weekend and the season to come, the fans, the riders and the sponsors  are in store for one exciting season or racing.

 As the sun begins to rise with it’s reflection glimmering on Lake Superior on race day number two, it will be another grand day of racing in traditional Duluth,MN style, now in it’s 24th year of running. Grab some coffee and breath the brisk early morning Northern Minnesota air and get ready for some intense racing action.

1.- Tucker Hibbert (68)
2- Tim Tremblay (11)
3- Kyle Pallin (324)
4- Ross Martin (837)
5- Logan Christian (43)

ROUND 1 – Matchup Brackets
[1] – Tucker Hibbert (68) VS [16] – Corey Watkinson(173)
[2] – Tim Tremblay(11) VS  [15] – Adam Renheim(311)
[9]- Stale Eggen(799) VS  [8] – Corrin Todd (36)
[10] – Peter Narsa(54) VS  [7] – David Joanis(115)
[4]- Ross Martin(837) VS  [13] – Jake Scott(42)
[3]- Kyle Pallin(324) VS [14] – Iain Hayden(93)
[12] – Lincoln Lemieux(13) VS [5] – Logan Christian(43)
[11] – Kody Kamm(53) VS [6] – Justin Broberg(168)

ROUND 1 – Transfers
1- Tucker Hibbert (68)
2- Tim Tremblay (11)
3- Stale Eggen (799)
4- David Joanis (115)
5- Ross Martin (837)
6- Kyle Pallin (324)
7- Lincoln Lemieux (13)
8- Kody Kamm(53)

ROUND 2 – Matchup Brackets
Tucker Hibbert (68) VS Stale Eggen(799)
Tim Tremblay(11) VS David Joanis(
Ross Martin(837) VS Lincoln Lemieux(13)
Kyle Pallin(324) VS Kody Kamm(53)

ROUND 2 – Transfers
1- Tucker Hibbert (68)
2- Tim Tremblay(11)
3- Ross Martin(837)
4- Kyle Palilin(324)

SEMI – Matchup Brackets
Ross Martin(837) VS Tucker Hibbert(68)
Tim Tremblay(11) VS Kyle Pallin(324)
SEMI – Transfers
Ross Martin(837)
Kyle Pallin(324)

LCQ Matchup Bracket
Tucker Hibbert(68) VS Tim Tremblay(11)
LCQ – Transfers
Tim Tremblay(11)

FINAL – Line up
1- Ross Martin(837)
2- Kyle Pallin(324)
3-Tim Tremblay(11)
FINAL – Results
1. Tim Tremblay(11)
2. Kyle Pallin(324)
3. Ross Martin(837)

The AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series resumes the racing action Saturday 11-28-15 with Rounds 1 of PRO Open and PRO Lite starting at 5:25pm. Watch all the action by tuning into the LIVE Stream at
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Photos by: Rodney Hoffman