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DAYS OF 76 SPORTS COMPLEX- DEADWOOD, SD (January 22, 2016) –  The historic town of Deadwood hosts Rounds 7 & 8 of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series Presenented by Four Seasons. Nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the streets were once filled wild west legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Deadwood is now a tourist destination for many to enjoy the sights, entertainment and gambling Casinos. While the gunslingers carrying their six shooters and outlaws of the west have long past, a new outlaw is in town ready to lay down the law as the battle for points continues for the young guns of snocross.
Heading up the points in the Pro Lite division, Montana Jess(765) hopes to keep the momentum moving forward and extend his lead over the field while Elias Ishoel(200) looks to stake his claim on top of the box with sights on making up lost points and find his way up ranks.
MIR_1720 7X3
Some big action in the Pro Lite qualifying rounds with Tyler Adams(705) taking the checkers for the win in Round 1 Heat 1. Montana Jess(765) had a fourth and six place finishes putting him in the LCQ, and would transfer to the main with a win.  Elias Ishoel(200) the hot shoe from Norway hits his mark taking the win in both qualifying rounds giving him the top qualifer for Round 7.
With the young guns in Pro Lite division lined up for the green flag, the adrenaline is pumping, the heart is pounding and out of the shoot first it is Daniel Benham(221) who takes the Stud Boy Holeshot, but it is short lived as Maxime Taillefer(144) makes quick work in the Polaris Corner to take over the lead. Down the Air Force Flyaway section they go, followed by Daniel Benham(221) and Jake Angove(177) going bar-to-bar toward the AMSOIL Finish Line Jump, but it is the 200 sled of Elias Ishoel that makes a hard charge to pass both Benham and Angove take the second spot.
Maxime Taillefer(144) is charging fast and furious lap-after-lap to hold off Elias Ishoel(200), but the seventeen year old from Norway is dialed in, sights are set and on lap six makes the big pass to move into first. Current points leader Montana Jess(765) who started in the back row, has quickly worked his way to the fourth position, but has some ground to make up if he wants to claim his spot on the podium.
As the laps wind down, Ishoel stretchs his lead out and giving Maxime Taillefer(144) no chance to catch him before the checkers fly high across the AMSOIL Finish Line Jump. After a flawless race, Ishoel takes the win with Maxime Taillefer(144) and Daniel Benham(221) rounding up the top three while Montana Jess(765) keeps the points lead after a fourth place finish.
1. Elias Ishoel
2. Maxime Taillefer
3. Daniel Benham
4. Montana Jess
5. Jake Angove
6. Kevin Wallenstein
7. Cole Cottew
8. James Johnstad
9. Brady Love
10. Tyler Adams
11. Michael George
12. Travis Muller
13. Chase Rosemeyer
14. Jacob Blanshan
15. Korbyn Anderson
MIR_1959 7x3
Place your bets, throw down your cards, give it all you got because the big shooters are on the line. Tight racing conditions and wet sloppy snow are the name of the game for the qualifying rounds of the Pro Open division. Tucker Hibbert(68) makes quick work in both rounds checkng out from the field and snags the top qualifying position. Logan Christian(43) has a great run with a first and third place finish while  Ross Martin(837) returns to the line after being forced to take off a couple of races due to an ankle injury looks strong and makes it into the final. Hentges Racing rider Petter Narsa(54) takes a ski to the back, crashes off the track and is out for the night.
It is a stacked front row with the top ten qualifiers helmets down, focused on the starter to give the go, ready to hammer down the throttle for the Stud Boy Holeshot.  Out of the shoot it is the 36 sled of Corin Todd with the holeshot and out to big quick lead over the AMSOIL Finish Line Jump. Ross “The Boss” Martin gets a great start and settles into second followed the big guy from Canada, Tim Tremblay(11).
Hibbert gets pinched hard on the start and settles into the fifth spot as he begins to pick off the riders in pursuit of Todd. Hibbert makes a big pass by Tremblay through the Polaris Corner and like a bullet from a gun, Hibbert takes down Ross Martin(837) on lap nine for the second spot. Corin Todd(36) is still out front with almost a two second lead, but Hibbert continues to to trim the lead with almost a second faster lap times. As they approach the lap traffic, Todd makes clean passes and moves nicely through the field. With laps winding down, Hibbert navigates through the lapped traffic and makes the pass on lap seventeen with a hard outside charge around the FXR Turn over the big fly away jump for the lead.
T-Train puts together a flawless race and goes on the for another win to extend the points lead, Ross Martin(837) also riding a great race was holding onto the third sport, however Tim Tremblay(11) and David JoanisDavid Joanis(115) both making a hard charge through the Air Force Flyaway section to challenge Martin for the final spot on the box. Through lapped traffic, Tim Tremblay(11) makes a clean inside pass on Martin and into third. One, two, three it is Hibbert, Todd and Tremblay who have the smoking guns and stake their claim on night one of the U.S. Air Force Deadwood Snocross presented by Four Seasons for the top finishers of Round 7.
1. Tucker Hibbert
2. Corin Todd
3. Tim Tremblay
4. David Joanis
5. Ross Martin
6. Adam Renheim
7. Logan Christian
8. John Stenberg
9. Kyle Pallin
10. Lincoln Lemieux
11. Corey Watkinson
12. Jake Scott
13. Andrew Carlson
14. Ryan Springer
15. Trevor Leighton
As the dust settles in the wild west from Round 7, the outlaws of snow prepare their might machines for another battle to see who claim the victory. Round 8 is on deck for night two in Deadwood, SD.
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